2015 Will Be The Year Of The Great Reckoning

Gold and silver are being trashed.  And to your point, Eric, one has to ask the obvious question today:  Why are the gold and silver prices collapsing in the face of a news backdrop that should be sending them up sharply?  ( John Embry, King Word News)

To that I would add – and it’s something not mentioned today in most if not all alternative sources, India’s financial system was closed last night which means gold market activity was basically closed and China is winding ahead of it’s week-long Lunar New Year observance.    You can read the rest of the must-read interview with John Embry here:  LINK


One thought on “2015 Will Be The Year Of The Great Reckoning

  1. I like John Embry and IMHO he is spot on with his analysis. The sociopaths
    who have engineered the current sad state of affairs must be barking mad
    if they think they can put out the fire by throwing more gasoline on it.
    Unbelievable stupidity that is sure to result in the little people suffering
    a terrible cost . I pray the manipulators rot in hell for their treachery.

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