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I am incorporating the DenaliGuide Summit Blog into my stock research.  As I have gotten to know Nick, I have come to appreciate his deep understanding of both the mining industry, mining stocks and how to apply technical analysis into trading and investing decisions.   My approach to investing in mining stocks is fundamental-based and for the long term.  But I have always thought there is plenty of merit to technical analysis, if correctly applied.  Nick seems to know how to do this.

Nick has offered to provide technical analysis summaries on the stocks for which I publish reports.  I will post them on this page for now, but at some point they will be exclusively included in my stock reports, which you can access here:   Research Reports.

“Wall of Worry”  321gold-WALLofWORRY-SubscriberCopy

Denali Guide’s Latest Oscillator report: JUL14PDF’
Denali Guide’s Latest Oscillator report:  JUL8PDF
Nick’s June 26 Peak Performance Picks Report:   JUNE26PeakPicks
Denali Guide’s Latest Oscillator report:      PDfJune19 (1)
Here is Nick’s technical analysis on Almaden Minerals:   AAU – DenaliGuide Report
Here’s the link to Nick’s free blog:  DenaliGuide Summit.

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