SoT Ep 26 – Chris Powell: “Gold Is The Deadly Threat To All Governments”

We open this podcast with Charlie Chaplin’s speech from “The Dictator.“ It is one of the most powerful speeches ever given. It ranks with the likes of Dr. King’s “I have a Dream” and a handful of other truly great speeches that were designed to uplift the spirit, free the mind and announce to the world we are all sovereign human beings created to do great things with our lives.

For over 15 years, Chris Powell – the co-founder of GATA – has been in the trenches exposing the corruption deeply embedded in our financial and political system. Chris has been a staunch promoter of free markets and reduced Government power. The cornerstone of democracy and true freedom begins with honest money. Gold stands alone a honest because it does not rely and counterparty risk and it can not be printed and devalued.

Because of this inherent nature in the use of gold as currency, gold stands as threat to a Government’s ability to dictate.

Gold is the deadly threat to all governments, including the Chinese government. Gold is a free market independent currency and puts all government currency at risk. Is China really working in the gold market for free markets and democracy and individual liberty around the world? No, I don’t think so. China, I think, is mainly working to hedge it’s stupid U.S. dollar exposure. – Chris Powell, Shadow of Truth

The gold community, in general, is very excited about the prospects of China and the new gold fix that will be launched sometime in 2015. Most of the speculation is around the September timeframe, but most assuredly before years end. After speaking with Chris about China and this seemingly important change in the global pricing mechanism, our optimism is waning. Let’s just say there has been a dose of reality served up.

I don’t kid myself that China is working for the benefit of us goldbugs here in the West. I think China is working for power for the Chinese government. Now, does the Chinese government want a higher gold price or a lower gold price or does the Chinese government just want to control the gold price as much as Western governments want to control it for different reasons? In 1974 Kissinger and his Deputy Secretary Thomas Enders discussed how the United States must persuade the European countries to keep moving gold out of the world financial system because whoever has the most gold controls it’s valuation and whoever controls golds valuation controls the valuation of government currencies. – Chris Powell, Shadow of Truth

This is an incredible interview with Chris Powell. Dare we say that he was “on fire.”

I’d say almost all the major ones (mainstream media) in the United States and Europe. Every major financial news organization in the West has all this documentation (regarding gold market manipulation) It just can not be acknowledged as an issue. Any journalist that picked up the gold price suppression issue would be fired.


I don’t think the power of Central Banks to create infinite money is their greatest advantage right now. I think their greatest advantage right now is either their control of the mainstream financial news media or the timidity of the mainstream financial news media. This story is just the Emperors New Clothes.
There is very likely an arrangement, an understanding, among the world’s major Central Banks that is redistributing the worlds gold, right now, the debtor nations to the creditor nations to allow the creditor nations to hedge themselves against an evadible devaluation of the dollar.

He (Jim Rickards) has said, over the last year, a number of times. That from his meetings with government officials, Central Bank officials, elected officials, officials of the International Monetary Fund that there is, some, more or less formal arrangement, understanding between the United States and China. Whereby, China agrees not to dump it’s Treasuries while the United States agrees facilitate the flow of gold into China at a discounted price.

Rickards has been on record, on several occasions, stating that gold would be revalued to approximately $9,000 per ounce. According to Millars report, there is already in place, a plan to revalue gold by 7 to 10 times. Gold is currently, approximately, $1,200 per ounce, multiply that by 7 and you get $8,400 per ounce. A multiple of 10 and you have $12,000 per ounce.

8 thoughts on “SoT Ep 26 – Chris Powell: “Gold Is The Deadly Threat To All Governments”

  1. Chris does a great job on mainstream gold bug analysis.

    But, I think there are far afield views that are relevant to, and actually driving, the upcoming revaluation and remonetization of gold. I do not think this is merely a change from one hegemon to another.

    Long, but most worthwhile, column that lays out the ‘far afield’ revaluation and remonetization case:

    Fun things are popping up in the skies; I think they are the good guys, showing those who search that they are here:

    Me, I think we go through a financial shock this summer or fall — to convince folks to turn off NASCAR/NFL, Faux News/CNN, and the Cooking Channel/reality TV — and have a reset of the financial system, protected by ‘White Hats’ in the Pentagon, with mass arrests of The Cabal.

  2. Revaluation of gold?

    Partially right. The reality???

    DEVALUATION OF THE DOLLAR. Similar to what FDR did in 1934.

    With the USD devalued as much as 7 to 10 times the current valuation of gold, there will be massive inflation, leading to a hyperinflation event and worthless currency. This of course, will lead to catastrophic social dislocation. A “Mad Max” scenario.

  3. Forex Guilty Pleas and the New York Fed’s Blinders

    The fact that all of this went on while Rohrbaugh headed up Foreign Exchange at JPMorgan (he’s been at the bank since 2005 as head of Foreign Exchange; the OCC charges spanned 2008 to 2013) has not deterred the New York Fed from keeping Rohrbaugh as Chair of its Foreign Exchange Committee and allowing him to travel to Tokyo on March 23 of this year as part of the New York Fed’s team to discuss global best practices in Forex trading with teams from other central banks.

    As JPMorgan’s regulator, it would have been next to impossible for the New York Fed not to be aware that Rohrbaugh’s area of supervision at JPMorgan was the subject of multi-continent criminal investigations as he chaired this “best practices” group at the New York Fed.

    The felony charges that the Justice Department is expected to bring against JPMorgan, Citigroup, RBS and Barclays are for antitrust violations. This is what the January 7, 2015 minutes of the New York Fed’s Foreign Exchange Committee indicate for how it brushes away antitrust concerns:

    “Counsel circulated and discussed the Committee’s antitrust guidelines as part of the standard procedure for the first FXC meeting of the year. Counsel highlighted particular behaviors that are inappropriate and unlawful for the Committee – such as efforts to set prices or to limit access to the market. Counsel noted that it is appropriate for the Committee to work together in support of best practices.”

    The New York Fed

    is so confident that it can create clubby Wall Street groups with impunity,

    that it even sponsors a Financial Markets Lawyers Group that includes counsel or general counsel from the very firms being serially charged with cartel activity in setting Libor interest rates and/or rigging foreign exchange trading.

  4. Excellent interview! Dave, I’d love to get an answer to question you asked at the end, that is, “what is the end game?”

    It does seem obvious what China’s end game is … they are not interested in democratizing and liberating the gold market – China is interested in sovereignty for China and freedom from US Hegemony.

    China accumulates gold for this reason … to hedge-out their dollar denominated investments which means they are no longer under the thumb of the Empire. But what is the West’s end game? How does the US benefit from suppressing the gold price and draining their vaults?

    Maybe the answer to that question is this: the US does’t benefit at all, but simply got backed into a corner and had no other option but to let China take the gold in exchange for not yanking the rug out from under the US economy, in which case the US end game is best described as game over.

    If this is the case, then I assume the elite’s and controllers know the ship is doomed to sink, so they are simply trying to keep the boat afloat by any means necessary, by hook or by crook, just long enough so they can get their affairs in order, loot the unwary passengers, dawn life jackets, and secure a seat on the lifeboat. Once they are rescued they will start over again (think: reset) having not even gotten wet.


    1. You just answered your own question the way I would have answered it LOL. Part of the gameplan to keep this system afloat while the elitists loot everything

  5. Yup, probably true. I forgot to mention, that while the ship is taking on water the captain is broadcasting reassuring messages over the intercom informing the passengers, “everything is just fine and the ship is right on schedule to its destination.” Meanwhile crew, at the behest of the Captain, is working feverishly to get all the passengers relocated to the lower decks huddled in the bowes of the ship “where it is safe”, so the privileged class can easily raid their staterooms and loot their belongings before they exit the boat.

  6. What we have is a situation where Greenspan and Bernanke have
    been hoisted on their own petard. They were too clever by half
    for their own good and now the Chinese have them by the balls
    and are not letting go. If only these fools had let gold find it’s
    true level five or ten years ago this situation would not exist but
    because they developed a god complex and believed they could
    create money out of thin air forever without consequence we all
    are going to end up paying a terrible price for their stupidity and
    malfeasance while China and Putin laugh all the way to the bank.

  7. I think Admin nailed it in his previous comment. By destroying the middle class, assets become replaced by debt and when these elitists collapse the system (on purpose) all these former assets will be purchased cheaply with newly created fiat only available to the elitists. I think it’s the ultimate destination for this fiat monster which they have created.

    And what the elitists don’t steal, the governments will confiscate by means of ‘property’ or ‘income’ taxes.

    Watch this unfold as the greatest ‘something for nothing’ scam ever devised, and we ordinary people get to witness it.

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