The Fed Tragi-Comedy Revs Back Up: Dudley Says Economy Fine, Fed To Raise Rates This Year

“I think the economy is doing pretty well,” Dudley said at an event Monday in New York.  – Bill Dudley, President of the NY Fed, Bloomberg News, September 28, 2015

The Fed’s failure to make good on threats in September was carelessly blamed on China and all the other global economies except the U.S. economy.  And now the Fed is starting the process of continuously rolling out its Fed parrots to try and convince the world once again that the Fed will make good on its threats to raise the Fed funds rate a smidgen off its zero boundary.

So tell us Bill, do these charts from Zerohedge below really portray a U.S. economy that is “doing pretty well?”  Do they, you lying sack of shit?


These people are either complete idiots or they are pathological liars.  If we are to believe their academic and “professional histories,” then we can only accept the conclusions that they are insanely dishonest and that something very ominous is developing behind “the curtain” that is shielding the truth from America and the world.

The next meeting is at the end of October.  By then the debt ceiling limit fight will be in full-swing or the Government will be in complete “limp mode.”  I’m starting to believe that John Boehner is leaving office to avoid the humiliation of having to rubber stamp another massive deficit-spending Budget Bill accompanied by a decree that enables the debt ceiling either to be removed completely or to be raised to $20 trillion.

Can you smell the middle class flesh burning yet?

7 thoughts on “The Fed Tragi-Comedy Revs Back Up: Dudley Says Economy Fine, Fed To Raise Rates This Year

  1. I can’t take this FED jawboning shit any longer. I wanna take my half-automatic machine pistol and go amok.

    Who believes these asswipes? I can’t believe it. This FED good-bad-cop plot pisses me off. One day it will be enough! Not only for me!

  2. I think Mr. Orwell covered this already back in 1948. The term is doublethink and I believe the most adept practitioners rise to the very top of politics, banking, and journalism

  3. FED members are TOOLS & PUPPETS of JPM and Goldman Sachs. They have absolutely no clue what is going on in the markets, because the force fed, like babies, by the big central bankers.

    PS: Dave, great interview on SGT Report. You rocked the house!

  4. The rate scenario is our blind,
    To plunder and pillage behind.
    So we must raise rates once again-
    The balance of risks will say when,
    And those we wined and dined.

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