The U.S. System Needs To Reset – It Will Be Painful

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.   – from President Eisenhower’s final speech from the White House

To anyone who has researched the facts in search of “the truth,” it’s painfully obvious that the U.S. political and financial system needs to be reset.  The most productive way to do this would be be build a wall around Capitol Hill and Wall Street, burn them to the ground and move the new Government capitol somewhere far from the east coast.  It many ways, it’s quite fitting that the U.S. Government is physically situated on what was formerly swamp land because the Government itself has become nothing but a murky, filthy and foul smelling entity populated by horrifyingly corrupt creatures.  Sub-humans, if you will.

At the bottom of this sewage is a nebulous conglomeration known as the “Deep State.” The Deep State is an amalgamation of the Defense Department, CIA, NSA, the biggest corporations (Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Oil, Big Defense, Big Media) and Wall Street.   Orwell’s infamous “Thought Police” is the mainstream media.  The mainstream media is controlled primarily by six big corporate conglomerates and 95% of what gets reported is a highly controlled substance mistaken by the masses as “news.”  Put it on CNN or report in the New York Times and it must be true.

Unfortunately, Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex fell on the deaf ears of an ever-more complacent American populace.  And now that military industrial complex has become a terminal cancer that has taken over the political system and replaced it with a hybrid form of Crony Capitalism and Totalitarian rule.

This process began in 1913, with the founding of the Federal Reserve.  Taking control of a population and confiscating its wealth begins with taking control of the money supply.  Without even realizing it, we use the U.S. dollar as currency because of a law that was imposed upon us by the Government.   The dollar has no intrinsic value other than the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. Government.  The dollars are created and issued by a Federal Reserve with a de facto negative balance sheet net worth.

But the joke’s on us.  While 99% of the populace in the U.S. regards gold and silver as barbarous relics that just “sit there” doing nothing, gold and silver to this day remain the only form of Constitutionally authorized money for settling debts.  In the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 10 states: No State shall emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.

In today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth, we tie the evolution of the Deep State to the erection of the Federal Reserve and the extinguishment of the gold standard:

8 thoughts on “The U.S. System Needs To Reset – It Will Be Painful

  1. Excellent article! The Gold Standard is still alive, for some. China and Russia and India and Kazakhstan and Singapore, for starters. All of the Deep State and Federal Reserve goons all hoard gold and silver because they know their cash is trash and will soon crash, to borrow a line from Robert Kiyosaki.

    And a few of us little people who can see what’s coming have a little of our wealth converted to real money while there is still time. There are some, such as Jim Rickards, who advise putting 5 to 20% of our net worth in gold.

    Although I subscribe to Jim Rickards newsletter and enjoy his work, I am of the opinion that if it’s all going to crash down at our feet, why only have 10% of my wealth protected?

    Sure there are some investments that are good for making profits in fiat currency but I am of the opinion that Harry Browne had it right.

    1.Prosperity is good for stocks and bonds.
    2.Recession is good for cash.
    3.Deflation is good for bonds and cash.
    4.Inflation is good for gold.

    He calls it the perpetual portfolio. So at least 25% in gold and silver and mining stocks.

    Gold and silver reigns supreme as non inflatable money.

    1. Rickard’s newsletter is a total rip-off. The picks I have presented in the Mining Stock Journal blow his away and my subscription is 15% of the cost of his.
      20% in gold? Why hold ANY dollars if you know the dollar is going to crash OTHER THAN the dollars you need to pay monthly expenses? Seriously. To project the end of the dollar and yet recommend holding 80% of your investible assets in dollars is retarded. It’s so non-committal which does not surprise me coming from him. People should hold 40% in gold, 30% in silver for fungibility, 20% in mining stocks and the rest in cash to pay bills.

      Agora has become a complete money-grabbing marketing machine. They’re the Proctor & Gamble of newsletters.

      1. Just remember that Rickards is part of the financial propaganda network. He’s spent a great deal of time propagating the 95% truth content of good propaganda in order to believably deliver his 5% ‘payload’ message. “No need to protect yourself with gold hoards. Just a little. After all, Fort Knox still has 8133 tonnes of gold and the ‘establishment’ has a good grip on the future!”

        The credibilty-enhancing 95% of his propaganda makes for good reads and ‘comforting’ interviews and his calm demeanor leaves one feeling less stressed over the state of things, but one must never forget who the man IS.

        1. Rickards is a total scumbag. I actually think the Deep State figured out that we figured out he was controlled opposition and they cut him loose, which is why he’s whored himself to Agora. WTF is Bill Bonner doing? Hasn’t he made enough money?

      2. I have been a MSJ subscriber since its launch and can vouch for the fact that it provides well researched information at a most reasonable price. To steer clear of pump and dumps and to get only legit picks, I would recommend this newsletter to anyone who is into investing in the mining sector.

  2. I just watched The expose on the Treasury ESF and the 1934 gold act by Eric Decarbonnel. We all know how FUBAR the “system” is, but if even a fraction of what he presents in the expose is true our nation finished beyond all hope. After listening to that I believe the final nail in the coffin was the 1934 act that established the ESF. The system is so rotten and truly evil that I believe you are correct Dave, “they” will start a war to try and cover it all up.

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