Why Do Central Banks Refuse All Requests To Audit The Gold They Hold?

This is much more informative and engaging than someone on KWN saying “$2,000 gold by the end of the year.”  – Hal in Chicago

After all, at least in this country, most of the gold held in custody for safekeeping by the Fed is technically the taxpayers’ gold.  Should we legally be allowed to see it, touch it and reconcile all records associated with it?

I did a conversational interview with Rory Hall, who started  up a fairly new Youtube channel called The Daily Coin.  His recent  interview was with Alisdair Macleod and I highly recommend listening to it.  Rory is one of the primary contributors to the SGTreport as well  to as other truthseeking websites.

Our topic of conversation covered Germany’s gold, Ukraine and some other topics related to the issue of Central Bank gold, or lack thereof.

It’s a little over 30 minutes, with the first 24 minutes almost entirely about gold:

I enjoyed my conversation with Rory and he’s doing a great public service by trying to bring these important issues to the public in format that’s a little different from the usual pontificating blogs (like mine). I know he would appreciate any feedback you might have.

6 thoughts on “Why Do Central Banks Refuse All Requests To Audit The Gold They Hold?

    1. Ya that’s why I prefaced my intro to this post the way I did. I think we’ve all just gotten lazy in referring to the gold held by the Fed as gold “owned” by the Fed. But you are correct.

  1. Our central bank allows no audits at all because as we all know, it is privately owned by bankers.

    In fact, I found a delightful little piece of information that states that the US Treasury can sell all of our gold, no questions asked, and not report it.

    So the bottom line is…whatever gold we had once was never ours.

  2. Terrific interview, guys. It’s great to hear two intelligent guys have an interview that sounds like a conversation and not someone going through a checklist of questions and cutting off the interviewee just when he’s making an interesting point.

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