10 Reasons Washington Has War Fever

War is merely the continuation of policy by other means.   – Carl von Clausewitz  (he is commonly attributed with the phrase “the fog of war”)

This is a must-read article that was written by Ron Holland for The Daily Bell.   I have said for several years now that the U.S. Government will start a war to avoid being completely exposed in everything related to the ongoing collapse of our system – a collapse that is both economic and political in nature.  It’s just so much easier to point the finger at the war as the reason our system is collapsing rather than wait for everyone to figure out what happened and start a revolution.

Holland explains in this article why the U.S. is in the process of provoking a global military conflict:   10 Reasons Washington Has War Fever


4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Washington Has War Fever

  1. War has already begun. It will intensify in the years to come. You won’t feel it in Western Europe and the U.S. right now. But when you live e.g. in Poland or other Eastern European countries that are even part of the EU you can feel it already. And what is so astonishing to me is how the media plays along with it. You know what’s coming but you can’t do anything to prevent it. Very frustrating.

  2. When war comes no one expected it would be like they thought it would be. The driver of this unexpected military action is the evolution of technology. Starting as recently (historically speaking) with the Napoleonic Wars and its global reach.

    The American Civil War was fought on the military basis of the Napoleonic Wars, with the resultant horrific loss of life. Technology had advanced beyond military strategy.

    The First World War was fought on the basis of the Franco – Prussian War, again with much worse loss of life in the most foul of conditions, than could have been imagined by anyone at the outset of war. Technology had far advanced beyond the strategy.

    Again, history repeats in the Second World War, when the concept of “Blitzkrieg” was unleashed on the battlefield, along with the atom bomb. Strategy again was lacking in keeping up with the times. This would be the last time war would be fought by nations with a declaration of war and distinctive front lines. Total war.

    This new world war in which the human race finds itself, is again as history predicts, different than all the other wars fought. Total war involving not only entire nations, but blocks of nations, beginning with total economic warfare. There are no front lines. There are no safe areas. Not only for persons, but their wealth too!

    Technological advances of leaps and bounds, has proven that the battlefield is now much too dangerous for human life. Death dealing machines without human occupation will be the order of battle. Death will (and has) come now, in any manner of shape and form, anywhere in the world.

    Look for societal fractionalization, sectarianism, fanaticisim and general lawlessness to escalate. Could this strife be the “War to end All War” that was spoke of in 1919?

  3. Patriotism alone is not the last refuge of the scoundrel, so too is war, by the look of things. What a miserable species we are.

  4. !!!! HOT OF THE WIRE !!!!

    United States to send a battalion to the Ukraine. Will be on the ground in days.
    A light battalion of the crack 173rd Airborne will be in Ukraine by the end of week.

    That tears it right there. The US wants war? They are going about it the right way!
    The Russian’s will not sit still for this. Dumb move by the American leadership.

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