A Big Problem Is Brewing Behind “The Scenes:” Pentagon Admits To Prepping For Mass Civil Unrest

It’s unfortunate that the majority of people in the United States refuse to accept anything that’s not spoon-fed to them by the mainstream media or admitted “trustful” by politicians and business elitists.  But the sign-posts of collapse are planted everywhere for anyone willing to put forth the effort to read them.  I have not fully decided if the mass-engendered impulse to ignore reality is a product of sheer stupidity, slothful ignorance or willful denial.

Most people have chosen either to overlook the Jade Helm 15 exercises which “officially” begin next month and run through mid-September.  Of course, there are been thousands of reports of ongoing military exercises and mass military equipment movement via rail from many States, including here in Colorado.  The mainstream media is fueling the public’s determined ignorance about Jade Helm by not reporting the event, for the most part.

However, now it has been reported that Department of Defense officials are now admitting that the Pentagon has been preparing for mass civil unrest:

A new US Department of Defense (DoD) research program admits that the Pentagon has long been concerned about widespread social break down. Even more striking of an admission is the fact that they have been funding universities to create models of the dynamics, risks and tipping points that would all be part of large-scale civil unrest in the United States.

You can read the details here:   Pentagon Admits They Are Preparing For Mass Civil Breakdown

The article references source material, so it would be impossible to impose skepticism on the evidence.   Anyone denying this reality is therefore hopelessly stupid or tragically naive.

I will have more on this later, but many have noticed some isolated events which indicate the global bond markets may be experiencing pre-collapse tremors.  A bond market selling avalanche is the worst nightmare of the Central Banks.

Many analysts have been pointing to September as the time period when the real brown stuff begins to hit the fan.  There are several possible trigger events, including the possible de-linking of the yuan from the dollar by China.   Perhaps it is no coincidence the official Jade Helm exercises have been timed to end on September 15…


18 thoughts on “A Big Problem Is Brewing Behind “The Scenes:” Pentagon Admits To Prepping For Mass Civil Unrest

  1. From Sergei Eisenstein’s (USSR) movie “Ivan the Terrible, Part Two”, 1944. This scene depicts the Secret Police of Tsar Ivan’s time, the forerunners of the KGB. Stalin enjoyed this movie so much that he banned it except for his own private viewing.

    No further comment from me about this is necessary, just use your own wits.

  2. Tesla and Amzon are the only 2 companies that are not “going down the tubes ” on Nasdaq.

    It`s nice to se those 2 “high quality” companies with all their earnings ,profits and promising future staying on top of Nasdaq.

  3. The USGovt. has been prepping for years. It’s just now out in the open. PM’s, personal protection/ammo, water and food may get you through this
    unless you end up in a FEMA camp or overrun by desperate mobs of non-preppers. Concentrate on making your preps good or most probable scenarios.
    Get fit and make sure you know how all your “goods” work and pray for the 99.9% who have not prepared…

  4. The sign posts are many and varied.

    So many in fact, that the misconception of “timing” the collapse will be proven. As most will express surprise at “not seeing” it occurring or its arrival! Same old. Despite copious warnings issued by people such as you and others.

    The global bond market is indeed in “deep doo-doo”, as the frantic search is on for collateral and unencumbered credit. Not just any collateral, but for “high quality” collateral, that is increasingly difficult to find, if not impossible without a very high premium.

    Meanwhile the ultra high net worth individuals, are now scrambling to find “hiding” places for their ill-gotten gains, as can be seen in yesterdays art auction at Christies, when a Picasso sold for a new high record of just short of $180 million USD!

  5. Dave it seems like it´s starting to blow up already.

    Maybee we don´t have to wait for the sheemitah taking place in september.

    1. something bad is coming,the Smetah ,all the economic experts and now Jade/Helm which by the way,I read yesterday the military ordered disaster transportation morgues to four states….martial law is coming,thanks to obama,s handlers…

  6. It’s obvious the insanity of the west suppressing precious metals prices
    to enable the east to load up at bargain basement prices is because
    the east holds such a huge amount of American debt which I’m sure
    they won’t hesitate to dump when and if the gold sale (give-away) ends.
    From recent developments it appears that time is fast approaching.

  7. Like other patriots, I have read a great deal about Jade Helm 15. The one element rarely discussed, is the fact that such a massive drill is being conducted, during a time of declining military budgets. Why would you waste valuable resources on a training op, as opposed to procuring new equipment? There is something rotten going on here. During the massive military cut backs, during both the Carter and Clinton administrations, many Admirals and Generals are on record, preferring equipment over training. I cannot imagine contemporary military leadership, completely doing an “about face”, on this issue. Based on facts, my vote goes without reservation, to the conspiracy theorists.

  8. I don’t think most of you will survive the coming gun grab or the WAR cause you’ve been brainwashed to throw down your weapons on command of the TERRORIST POLICE GANGS,who will then freely murder and slaughter you and your family like they did in KATRINA,the MSM lied about what really happened and NO ONE LOOKED to see what really happened…..This won’t be any different this time either….another mass slaughter………and THEY KILLED everyone on their RED LISTS,BLUE LISTS,and BUTCHERED THEIR FAMILYS………………

  9. Why doesn’t out military know what’s going on? I can’t believe they will fire on and kill their own people!

    1. they do but the gov is steadily removing those in power are and authority..chaplains who will not go along with this and replacing even regular military with hispanic illegals and no doubt muslim illegals.see these outrage and fighting stirred up by racial entities is all part of a master plan which americans have not awakened to yet.plus the forboding of financial problem later this year..even non christian financial entities are saying something is coming down the tube.bad. this also includes some countries going under but when and if Mexico goes under the USA WILL BE COMPLETELY TAKEN DOWN..believe it or

  10. It’s frustrating knowing that the soon to come economic collapse is a deliberately engineered event by criminals who believe they are above the law and untouchable. It’s equally frustrating knowing that they intend to kill many people and imprison many others in their goal to create the new world order out of chaos.

    No matter what, I’m determined with God’s help to fight against the NWO enemy to the end.

  11. yep< and we will keep bringing in American enemies until we get the kind of civil war we really want……….Muslims hate Americans, so let's bring in tens of millions of them from known terrorist areas…..then we just say OOOOOOOOOOppppppppppssssssss!

  12. Soy ahora no cierta donde estás Información, pero buen gran tema.
    I debe pasar un tiempo algún tiempo estudiando más o conocimiento más.

    Gracias para maravilloso Información Yo solía ser en busca de este
    información para mi misión.

  13. The key is the resolve to pull the trigger. The threat is real, the danger is coming. The mind and media will all say that it isn’t real when you know that it is. Hesitation is the real killer. In that moment of decision when the power of life and death is determined because of your actions will you be able to apply the 4-5 pounds of squeeze to survive?

  14. “”We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it.
    The only question is whether World Government will be achieved
    James P. Warburg
    CFR Chair, 1950


    America is the only country in the world that has a “Well Armed” populace…… thanks to the foresight of our founders!

    It’s the only one that can fight back!

    First – they tried to disarm the people “peacefully” (With Consent) —– but Patriot’s were quick to let them know —– it’s going to HAVE TO BE CONQUEST!!!!!!

  15. Apparently you all haven’t been watching FAUX NEWS, all is well, confidence in the markets is robust, trust the government, everyone concerned about Jade Helm are conspiracy nutjobs… Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…the government is here to help you. Fair and balanced? Hardly. Just another rouge government shill propaganda outlet.

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