A Conversation With SGT Report About The New World Order

When George H. Bush was president, I was working on Wall Street at the time as a junk bond trader. I vividly recall the rumors circulating that Bush was pedophile.  That he had a mistress was a confirmed rumor.  As it turns out, Clinton’s Oval Office was a constant revolving door of women brought in to “service” Bubba.  Rumors of deviant sexual behavior persisted during W’s presidency.  It’s no secret that W’s nickname for Karl Rove, W’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor, was “Turd Blossom.”

SGT Report invited to discuss the New World Order movement , which has managed to replace Rule of Law in the United States the Rule of Man.   It’s weird enough that Trump is now the president.  As we discuss, expect things to get a lot more weird going forward:

2 thoughts on “A Conversation With SGT Report About The New World Order

  1. Interesting interview , but really to change anything we have to fight.
    We need another French Revolution , because they are not going to give up.
    Over 40 years they spoiled us so badly , that most of us think they will somehow go away peacefully and leave the World to us. Those who think like that live in Dreamworld. To establish New World Order they have got only China , Russia and Iran in their way , so it’s going to be very interesting to see what they going to do , only left war , weakening their economy’s and backstabbing.

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