A Gift From The Fed – AMZN

Don’t worry about the price difference it is already a incredible bargain so $5 is insignificant.  Besides I made $600 on a $1,060 investment selling a BZH call a few weeks ago. On Monday morning I closed a Put option on AMZN that tripled my $1,306 investment in 4 days.  Both of these are because I read your reports on these companies. 

You have a good website with quality info especially during these crazy times.  Thanks for the info.  –  research report testimonial

Note:  AMZN has already faded 9 points off its high of the day while the SPX has “powered” to highs of the day.

The Plunge Protection Team has given us a gift.  Many of you who read my research report have sent me emails about making a lot of money shorting AMZN and buying puts based on my Amazon dot Con report.  I responded by suggesting, especially the put buyers, to take some profits and roll them into further out and lower-strike puts.

Notwithstanding today’s bogus GDP revision in which the Government’s mathematically-challenged statisticians are attributing an increase in “economic wealth” to a massive build-up in auto, housing and electronics inventory that will go largely unsold, this bounce in the stock market is absolute gift to anyone looking to capitalize on stocks, like AMZN, that are more overvalued than at anytime in history.

Here’s my “swing trade” call on AMZN – click to enlarge:

Untitled You can purchase the research report that goes with this chart here:


When someone presents you with a “gift horse,” it’s a mistake to examine its teeth.

7 thoughts on “A Gift From The Fed – AMZN

  1. Dave I think you are to modest in your expectations.
    If the gates of hell opens up in september we might see AMZN at 300 dollar in october.
    Recent week there were days when AMZN lost 30-40 dollars a day.
    I was astonished by the speed it crashed.

      1. You are probably right about that.
        One thing I´ve been thinking about is the following.
        As we know the Chinese are starting to unload their US papers at a higher pace
        What happens if the FED signals a new round of QE?
        Then the Chinese will realize that the remaining amount of their US paper will lose value even faster and they have to hurry up to unload it even faster to get rid of depreciating assets.
        Could that be something that makes the FED hesitate when it comes to more QE?

  2. I have no cash to play with Amazon so won’t get the report but I recently ordered some things from there. Cheaper than anywhere else (maybe that’s why they lose money?) and very fast delivery.

    1. Mark as a customer you love the company.
      As a shortseller you adore it.
      If you are a shareholder with one braincell left you hate it!

    1. Too soon to make that call. My report shows what I think the true “value” per share of the stock
      is based on comps.

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