A Matter Of Time Before Stocks Collapse And Gold Soars

“Look at the underlying fundamentals that are driving it [gold and silver prices]. The financial condition of the country that hosts the reserve currency deteriorates more everyday and the Central Bankers are trying to kick the can down the road on an inevitable financial system and monetary system reset by printing more money.”

The economy continues to show signs that the “sugar high” from the Fed’s and Government’s multi-trillion dollar money printing and stimulus spending is wearing off. The latest economic reports – notwithstanding the moronic homebuilders “sentiment” metric – reflect a renewed downturn in economic activity plus the numbers reported in July are being revised lower (see today’s retail sales report, for instance).

As long as the Fed continues to devalue the dollar by printing money and as long as Treasury debt continues to increase at an increasing rate, the fundamentals are in place for a monster move in gold, silver and mining stock.

Michelle Holiday of Portfolio Wealth Global invited me on to her podcast to discuss the factors that I believe will lead to a stock market avalanche and soaring values in the precious metals sector:


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6 thoughts on “A Matter Of Time Before Stocks Collapse And Gold Soars

  1. Dave, you mentioned in the interview that your 90% allocation is either in specie or mining stocks. And then you differentiated investing in mining stocks from other non-mining stocks that derive their value from their connection USD, and they were not good. My problem right now is that in a systemic collapse, both kinds of stocks seem to be essentially in the same boat and are both in brokerage accounts that will potentially be shattered. So what’s the solution, stock certificates for miners? Even then their value is tied to fiat, at least initially. Thoughts?

  2. More fooling and playing with gold and more shares for them.
    I think many people will loose a lot money once the freak show is over , unbelievable.

    1. I think you were looking for the word “lose” (which rhymes with ooze) and not “loose” (which rhymes with moose). BTW…. what the f*** are you doing here!???

  3. Just read the MSJ and found it one of the better issues. But speaking of issues, I have a couple in this very same edition.
    I have found Eric Sprott divulging his recent buys and sells to be timely, even though he’s already made a pile before we get to hear of it. I’ve made a minimum of $56K ytd by following Sprott’s activities…. and that’s minimum!
    And as for junk silver, it is by far the cheapest way to acquire silver in small, easy to tender denominations. In that future time when silver will be hard to find and valued in the 100s of dollars, EVERYBODY AND HIS DOG will be aware of the dates and value of old silver coinage. At the moment, we’re talking ~20X face value. Think about that! A 1965 quarter now buys almost twice as much gas as it did back in 1965. On that day “Junk” silver will be a whole lot easier to tender than having to negotiate the amount of change you’re entitled to for a ASE or Maple Leaf.
    Alternatively, you’ll be stuck going to a bullion dealer to exchange your bullion coins for fiat in order to buy some simple daily necessities.

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