A Predictable Gold Price Attack – Now What?

Today’s attack on gold and silver was one of the most predictable in my 18 years of involvement in the precious metals sector. On Wednesday just before the close of the NYSE, I loaded up at-the-money puts on NUGT that expire today. I sold them right after the open for home run trade. The sector has been grinding higher since the first hour of trading, which is bullish.

Trevor Hall and I discuss the recent move up in gold (and the new move below $1400), silver expectations, and the increasingly positive investor sentiment toward the junior mining sector. We also share a few stocks which we have likened over the first half of 2019 along with a few disappointments. You can listen to the discussion by clicking here: MINING STOCK DAILY  or on the graphic below:

The Mining Stock Journal  covers several mining stocks that I believe are extraordinarily undervalued relative to their upside potential. I also present opportunistic recommendations on select mid-tier and large-cap miners that should outperform their peers.  In response to subscriber requests, in the latest issue released Wednesday  I presented an initial opinion on Great Bear Resources. You can learn more about this newsletter here:   Mining Stock Journal information.

8 thoughts on “A Predictable Gold Price Attack – Now What?

  1. These attacks seem to be losing there effectiveness. I believe
    that with Christine Lagarde and now even Don Trump advocating
    negative interest rates the tell is obvious. Those that have the capacity
    to understand and the means to take action are buying bullion on
    sale. It is like, “Gold for Cash” dude.

  2. What next is a good question. The reason gold has broken out of its year long price range is that the Cartel has lost control of the market. Will it regain control of the market and keep gold below $1400? With 99 per cent certainty no. Let me explain. The paper money economy that was introduced in 1913 needs the constant expansion of credit to stay stable. It is like a jet that is riding on an airstream. Once the airstream goes the jet falls out of the sky. The supply of credit (jet fuel) is slowing down because the marginal utility of credit is almost zero. Central banks are pushing on a string. The jet engines are already slowing down and the fuel gage is deep in red territory. This situation is well described by your friend David Stockman ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRqEqY7Wyhw ). When will the jet engines die? Within the next 12 months. When will the jet hit the ground? Within the next 24 months. The smart money can see this. Asset managers see the end of paper money. It will be a deflationary bust first followed by a depression when the flow of credit stops and hyperinflation next when the economy dies and governments rely on never ending money printing for finance.

    Do the monetary authorities have a plan B? No. Because this world is based on theft through constant currency debasement. A plan B would mean regime change on a global scale. Cryptos are the same racket in different clothes. There is an eternal rule: Everything made by man can be manipulated by man.

    1. I do not consider war as an alternative. The US is constantly at war. A new major war will in fact hasten the demise of the global economy and the world as we know it. Enjoy the last months on planet Klepto. The new dark ages are already looming on the horizon.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: DB is going down – What happens to DB stock now?

    Deutsche Bank Slashes 18,000 Jobs in $8.3 Billion Overhaul – July 7, 2019, 10:44 AM EDT Updated on July 7, 2019, 1:17 PM EDT

    Bank expects to exit its equities sales and trading business
    Lender sees no dividend for this year or next amid overhaul


    Check out Zero Hedge too on DB.

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