Is The Corporate Symbol Of Dystopic America

Several readers of my research report sent me an article from the NY Times titled:   Inside Amazon:  Wrestling Big Ideas In A Bruising Workplace.   The article describes a stunning Darwinian corporate culture in which employees must transform themselves into de-humanized Amazonian robots.

The article reads like a chapter from Aldus Huxley’s “Brave New World.  Employees are even encouraged and incentivized to report on each other:

The internal phone directory instructs colleagues on how to send secret feedback to one another’s bosses. Employees say it is frequently used to sabotage others. (The tool offers sample texts, including this: “I felt concerned about his inflexibility and openly complaining about minor tasks.”)

Without a doubt Jeff Bezos has become a cult of personality who has deluded employees to sacrifice and distort their humanity in order to conform to his empire of deceit, propaganda and fraud.

Lost in the NY Times article is that, despite the mania that has engulfed Amazon’s stock, and despite the vision of a highly motivated and productive workforce, Amazon has failed to generate any meaningful degree of profitability in its 21-year history.   In fact, as my research report shows in detail, Amazon’s GAAP operating margins have declined from over 6% in 2004 to near zero now (6% is standard for big retailers).

The article is worth reading if you think about it in the context of “Brave New World” and Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” But I would also suggest thinking about it – in the context of the facts presented in my AMAZON dot CON research report – the way you would think about Enron or Bernard Madoff.

The stock has been driven up to insanely absurd levels given the fact that Amazon burns cash like a trash incinerator. If you doubt this, then you need to read to my report.  I show how and why Amazon has failed – and will fail going forward – to generate real net income and will continue burning cash.  You can access my report here:   AMAZON dot CON.

My report shows in intricate detail from a technical accounting standpoint, which actual examples that are easy to understand, how Amazon hides its inability to make any money. Although the extreme intervention in the stock market by the Fed/Government makes it extremely challenging to short any stock right now, I believe that the market is starting roll over despite the manipulation.  As this happens, the market itself will lift the “emporer’s robe” on companies like Amazon and a brutal downside reality to the stock will commence.

Any professional money manager who owns a big position in AMZN with other people’s money is breaching their fiduciary duty if they don’t read my report and consider the facts presented.

From a reader of my report:

I audited many of the high fliers that crashed and burned, took companies public & was at the printers the day the bubble really burst which ultimately tabled that IPO. Then, was a CFO at a software company for a couple years during the really ugly times. My point is I’ve got a heavy tech background.   So, when I say Amazon’s financials are the most misleading and misunderstood I’ve ever seen and their stock will crash mightily, we sound like we’re on the same page

5 thoughts on “ Is The Corporate Symbol Of Dystopic America

  1. Hi there,
    Please excuse the lack of sophistication as I’ve never shorted a stock before. Do you have a method of short selling that limits downside risk (perhaps in another paid report), or is this report more for seasoned investors rather than a newbie like me?

    1. It’s for both. Yes you can replicate shorting the stock by using puts and calls. I cover using both with specific examples.

  2. as of June 30, there are 2450 funds invested in AMZN, up about 100 over the last 3 quarters.

    One really has to wonder about the methods used by the majority of money managers. How many actually even look at financial statement, listen to conference calls or read 10k’s?

    I also bet that most investors have no clue what their managers are doing but get quarterly reports that are done up beautifully and get to see “slick” marketers periodically.

    So the AMZN strategy is surviving until Walmart and others go out of business so AMZN can raise prices and achieve profitability.

    I think we all can agree that the market has become too short term oriented. However, 3-4 decades is a bit too long to wait to get an operating return.

    Yeah, I get it that the stock has made money for investors. But that means it has needed the greater fool theory to move up.

    When the markets roll over, AMZN will likely be a leader on the downside. Fundamentals do matter. Clean quality of earnings do matter.

  3. when I say the investors do not know what their managers are doing, I specifically mean taking inordinate risks and pretending the portfolio risk is not there.

    It’s all about risk adjusted return.

  4. Yestarday I increased my AMZN shorts 10 fold cause i don´t see the company going above 540 dollars even though the PPT are fighting their ass of pleasing their master Bezos.
    Seems like there´s suvere headwinds for the manipulators to battle right now.

    Nasdaq is going down heavily as I right this but AMZN seeems to be the best performer.

    Imagine how rotten the other companies must be or maybee they don´t have the same ability as Bezos to “pay for stock protection”

    My patience is greater than Bezos solvency and I´m sure that we ain´t going to see much more of his “evil laughs”

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