If this is the case, the true reality beneath Bezo’s fraudulent accounting had to have been horrific:

Amazon’s quarterly profit misses estimates, shares tumble

From Reuters – LINK: Inc reported a lower-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday as expenses rose and the company provided a disappointing fourth-quarter revenue forecast.

The growth of AMZN’s cloud business is rapidly slowing down.  This has been one of my key arguments about the insanity of the market cap attributed to AMZN’s cloud business. It’s tiny compared to AMZN’s overall revenues.  And competition in the cloud space is going to become ferocious as Microsoft, Google and Oracle begin to really flex their muscles.

The only question left for me is to determine which between AMZN and TSLA is biggest Ponzi scheme in history.  AMZN is maybe a $10 stock and TSLA is likely worth $2.

3 thoughts on “AMAZON.CON – ROFLMAO

  1. Well Dave, it had to come to this
    Elon Musk and his clone bro Lone Skum are hooking up with Jefi Bezoid. The new company name
    They’ll be cloud-pimping the internet on Mars, paid for by the US Tax payer

  2. Just as a big a laugher was Deutsche Bank. No financial statements easier to falsify than a bank’s, when regulators give them a pass.

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