Amazon Dot Con – Getting Ready To Plunge?

Note:  I have revised my report to include an insert that has a couple of “paired” trade ideas plus some updated ideas for using puts or shorting calls to replicate shorting the stock or reducing your risk of shorting the stock outright.

There are some 2300 funds invested in AMZN the last time I Iooked at IBD data. That’s 2300 fund managers not doing their home work or live by “You just have to own the leaders”.   When they start bailing it wil be fast and furious  – Hal in Chicago

AMZN stock has underperformed the SPX by 9% over the last year.   The RTH retail EFT has outperformed AMZN stock by over 20% in the last year.  That relative performance is the market’s way of “telling” us something is wrong with the stock.

You can take advantage of this by using my research report on AMZN to understand exactly what is wrong with the Company and why the stock will eventually plummet:   AMAZON dot CON  

My report goes in-depth into the business model in conjunction with very in-depth accounting to explain facts like AMZN’s operating income margin has declined every since 2004 from 6% (the retail industry norm) to 0%.   The Company itself has said that it could lose as much as $450 million on an operating cash flow basis.   AMZN is bleeding cash. My report shows who and why.


The quality of your content is incredible. Your work shows not only why AMZN will eventually hit the wall, but it shows that the fraudulence embedded in our financial system runs all the way up to the highest levels – in this case FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) and the SEC. Your work shows in detail how the Amazon Ponzi scheme is constructed right in front our eyes and everyone who owns the stock is clueless. It’s the best $25 I’ve ever spent on financial research…Scott in Arizona


4 thoughts on “Amazon Dot Con – Getting Ready To Plunge?

  1. Very good article.

    I read an analysis that a guy did on Seeking Alpha and his opinion was that the correct stock price for AMZN should be around 285 dollars (I doubt that)

    The correct price should be around that level were the stock was in 2008/2009 before the pumping began around 30-50 dollars.

    After all how do you determine the value of a company that never had made any profit or will make any profit?

    Imagine if the word gets out that trhey are cooking their books in order to paint the pig in lipstick!

      1. I guess you can buy a lipstick from Revlon through Amazon.con for less than the production cost and you will get a pig included as a gift.

        But don´t worry about economics, they make up for that on large volume!

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