Amazon dot Con Is Updated – See Why Stanley Druckenmiller Embarrassed Himself

The run-up in AMZN has been stunning to say the least.  It reminds of Commerce One (CMRC) at the peak of the tech/internet bubble.  CMRC ran from $10 to $600 in vertical fashion.  The only difference between CMRC and AMZN is that AMZN has revenues.   Both companies burn cash like a Weimar Republic furnace.

The move last week was precipitated by comments made Stanley Druckenmiller at a CNBC  investment symposium.  Druckenmiller was comparing IBM to AMZN.  Unfortunately, if you have bothered to study AMZN’s financials, you know that Druckenmiller was blowing smoke out of his ass with regard to his assertions about AMZN.  Druckenmiller’s comments begin at about the 14:30 mark:  Druckenmiller’s Follies

Even the best and the brightest make mistakes.  I made a lot of money for Bankers Trust in the mid-1990’s take the other side of one of Carl Icahn’s mistakes in the junk bond market (Stratosphere Casino bonds).   When AMZN’s bubble pops, the stock quickly deflate and likely end up where it was when the Fed started its QE, which is under $50.

I go into AMZN’s 3rd quarter results and show why the press release and Wall Street over the Company’s Q3 results are nothing but hot air injected into this over-inflated Ponzi scheme business model.  You can access this report here – I will be raising the price again when I update it to reflect AMZN’s 4th quarter and full year:   AMAZON dot CON

If you have already purchased the report, please contact me and I will email you the Update PDF.

AMZN Parabolic


7 thoughts on “Amazon dot Con Is Updated – See Why Stanley Druckenmiller Embarrassed Himself

  1. Dave I have a shorting idea.
    It seems like Banco Santander has a big exposure to auto subprime loans and they are trying to increase market share by giving out credit and loans left and right in all possible sectors around the globe.
    I often see them on swedish commercials so they are hungry.
    It´s also a Spanish bank – what could ever go wrong ? ( irony)
    I think they could blow up in a crash!

  2. I would like to add a comment to my suggestion concerning COMEX gold (and silver) futures being ‘repriced’ according to the ratio between ‘paper’ contracts and the amount of ‘registered’ gold (and silver) available for sale in COMEX warehouses.

    It is not enough for those who desire change just to rail at what ‘is’ at the moment. Many feel the current arrangement is unjust, unfair, inequitable etc. Whatever your view may be, you have to offer alternatives, present ‘solutions’ which have the potential to change ‘what is’ by changing what is in as many human hearts and minds as you can reach – and touch – by your thoughts! That is how the Universe works and it cannot be bent to anybody’s will or desire if the Universe wills that change to happen! I have no idea how many of you reading this will understand it and it is of no consequence if you don’t. However, what anyone can understand with ease is the idea that I am suggesting is, in fact, positive action.

    Sitting at a desk with a computer saying ‘this isn’t right’, ‘they are at it again’ (smashing the prices of gold and silver) will not, cannot, change anything. Offer alternatives, speak out to everyone you can to advance ideas which actually promote positive solutions, positive changes to the current situation we are faced with which, in fact, is really IMPASSE as there is no doubt in my mind that the gold and silver market ‘functions’ are now completely broken. Leave intention (on either side) out of the equation. Just collaborate on offering solutions – fairer, more just, more equitable solutions to break the impasse and return what we have here to a closer state of balance with ‘All That Is’. (Again, if you don’t understand what that means, don’t worry, but concentrate on finding solutions to the broken gold and silver markets.

  3. These chart formations have a higher chance of failing when the foundation of the company is weak. Amazon has weak margins but makes it up on volume. One possible reason us inflation has been curbed, regardless of how much it is, is amazon has brought down pricing across the board.

  4. “Both companies burn cash like a Weimar Republic furnace.”

    You can take it easy for the rest of the month, you won’t top that line.

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