Amazon dot Con Paid For A Monster Of Box Silver Eagles For One Reader

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Real life result from Dave’s amazon report. I purchased the report and opened a position in Jan, 16 puts. The market turned against the trade and I added to the position. Monday two weeks ago I covered my trade. With the proceeds I now have a monster box of silver eagles, my investment back, and a new position in amazon puts. Thanks Dave and kistock you should pay attention and learn.  – James

The PPT is starting to lose control of the stock market.   It won’t happen overnight, but at some point the largest hedge fund holders will start unloading the biggest bubble/momentum stocks like AMZN (and AAPL, NFLX and GOOG).   Small fortunes will be made by those who are positioned ahead of the inevitable tidal wave of selling that will hit these stocks.

My AMAZON dot CON report show why Amazon will be hit particularly hard and how to profit from this insight.


2 thoughts on “Amazon dot Con Paid For A Monster Of Box Silver Eagles For One Reader

  1. Do not forget FB and its doubling of income via non gaap, most for the option grants that are effective charged as a reduction of retained earnings missing the P&L but still diluting shareholders.

    Also watch biotech, a probably half the companies in index or etf do not have revenues, and the other more establishd companies will be losing steam as patents on successful products expire.

    When the markets break, if they do, everything gets sold. I kind of expect miners to get beaten up, however gold should get some serious attention, positive attention. Then siler and then when gold and siler in hand are scarce, people find out gold and silver in the ground are not so bad.

    My two cents worth.

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