AMAZON dot CON: Updated And Upgraded Research Report

Testimonial:   After reading your commentary about Amazon on 7/24 I immediately bought two Jan 16 put options and also purchased your report.   To say your report  was an eye opener is an understatement.   You clearly show that Amazon’s financial structure is a house of cards.  Later on 7/30 I added a third put option.   As of Friday 8/7 I am up 29% on the position.   All I can say is thank you for all that you do!

I have updated my AMAZON dot CON research report to reflect the Company’s latest quarterly financial report, released on July 23.  I show in detail why the headline hype was empty propaganda.

I also upgraded the report based on some information I received from a well-seasoned technology industry accountant.   One particular piece of information came from someone he knows who works at the Company.  It’s an aspect to AMZN’s reporting that is hidden in the financials and no one has ever written about it.

Finally, I show why this stock on a fundamental basis is a failing business model as its being operated now and is worth well less than $100/share.

You can access the report here:  AMAZON dot CON

If you have previously purchased this report, please contact me at  and I will send you a copy of the updated report.  I am making this report available at the current price until Friday.  After Friday I will be raising the price of this report – it’s that good.


6 thoughts on “AMAZON dot CON: Updated And Upgraded Research Report

    1. Nice work.
      The only problem I guess is that it`s difficult to use technical analysis in a rigged market with maniacs printing enormous amounts of money.

  1. This comment came to me from LJ – thanks Larry, appreciate the feedback:

    Hi Dave,

    As an mid-career controller inspiring to be a CFO, I look forward to your reports that teach me how to analyze companies’ financials, whether I use that new knowledge to invest personally or to avoid a company I may contemplate working for; or simply to impress a future Board of Directors I may work for one day. From seeing the misleading and unethical things companies do, I by default learn to at least not commit the same errors. So I learn what not to do.

  2. AMZN is rallying today.
    They are celebrating the fact that Alibaba can compete with them using a devalued currency.
    Must be bullish for AMZN!
    Everything is bullish for AMZN !

  3. Undercut competition using borrowed money to sell at a loss? Gee that sounds like the business model of every corp/ nation on the planet. Sell silver at a loss using borrowed money? I wonder who’s doing that? This bs will drag us all back to the stone age, It is destroying the very meaning of money and the rule of law. If you are leveraged into the metal markets you are the problem. If you are a dealer,privateer, selling, producing metal using borrowed money you are the problem. the point when metal holders blockade stop selling into this imaginary “market” this bs will stop.
    P.S. China just devalued yuan using the only business model they have, undercut competition using borrowed money. They’ve strip mined the productive capacity of the west with the help of every greedy politician, Corporatist ,bureaucrat. banker maggot the west has on offer. I take my hat off. well done.

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