Below is the link to my Amazon.con research report. After you go through the Paypal process you will be automatically directed to a page that will have link on it which will allow you to download the report in PDF format. Please make sure to save the report on your computer.

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This research report is by far the most in-depth and comprehensive accounting of Amazon’s business model as reflected in financials.  I show how and why Amazon uses misleading accounting tactics to hide the fact that it is a cash-burning incinerator.  My report shows the truth that will NEVER be presented by Wall Street analysts and the financial media.

AmazonDotConThis Report Is $35

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    1. Check your email. Anyone else who sees this who has purhased the report contact me via email and I’ll send you the update

      1. Is the $20 monthly charge for the newsletter automatically charged each month ??

        If so, what is the process for cancelling if I choose to do so ?

        Thanks for you time.

        Bob Sachs

        1. Hi Bob, yes the $20 is charged automatically through Paypal. You can cancel through Paypal or email me and I can cancel it on my end through Paypal. You download your first issue of the current newsletter after you go through Paypal process – it takes you to a landing page where you can download the current report. Or some people miss the link and contact me to email it to them. After that, you receive the weekly report on Sunday from

          I will probably distribute my big research reports to subscribers at no extra charge. After I get the AMZN update out, I’m going to finish up a big report on KMI.

  1. The report has a catchy name.. Would you mind to fill me in just a bit, before I step into the pool. What is a ‘cash burning incinerator’? This affects who? The people, (like me) who buy things on Amazon? Or their investors?
    Any insights are invited.

    1. If you own the stock, sell it. If you want to get rich shorting a stock, buy my report and read how and why. No you should buy as much as can from AMZN – they subsize the cost of getting a product from their shelf to your doorstep. Its great – I use it all the time.

      But since its advent as a public Company, it’s delivered a sum total of $1.8 billion in net income to shareholders over those 20 years. Jeff Bezos made $16 billion alone last year.

  2. I am a value guy and think AMZN getting bid up over $600 is just insane but one thing it has got going is kid glove treatment from Wall st. Teeny weeny profit, off it goes to the moon. Massive loss, it falls a bit and then rises back to where it was before the next earnings quarter rolls along. Shorts have been burnt badly for years on this stock. So I wonder how one might profit from shorting AMZN

  3. From the low 600s AMZN is up in the 670s now, racing towards 700 and perhaps towards 800 too. From a fundamental stand-point it just doesn’t make sense but this is wall st we are talking about. Anybody have ideas how to short AMZN? Puts for next year? What strike price?

  4. Hi-
    Has this report been updated? Has anything changed in views or outlook on Amazon? Would you be able to consult on strategy to profit from this ponzified pig?

    1. Hey Zeej, the report is updated thru year-end 2015. I did a cursory update after AMZN’s Q3 numbers for my Short Seller Journal subscribers. The problem I have in churning out another big, full-blown update, is that it takes about 20 hours of time to weed through AMZN’s misleading accounting. If I can find time, I will do an update thru year-end 2016, but it’s a long-shot. I will say that AMZN continues to lie about its “free cash flow” and, ultimately, because its expenses exceed its revenues, it requires sales to increase every quarter so that cash inflows at any given time exceed cash outflows. It’s a timing thing. It’s also helped by gift card deposits and Prime subscription fees. It recently closed down one of its online subsidiaries because it couldn’t handle covering the losses generated by that business segment.

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