America’s Structural Job Depression Is Here To Stay

My co-producer, John Titus, made a fascinating and stunning statistical discovery discovery buried right in the monthly non-farm payroll statistics.  Regardless of whether the Government numbers are bona fide or fraudulent, it shows why even the data itself shows that the U.S. has been net-net losing jobs since 1992.

We video’d this early Saturday morning so please bear with any presentation issues lol:

It’s not very long and John’s presentation is worth the time spent.

After you see the video, you’ll understand why I believe that the U.S. housing market is about to enter Collapse 2.0. I have a short-sell idea posted in my research section that I think is an easy 60% ROR play over the next 6-12 months:   Research Reports

I think particular report, I show accounting and financial analysis that NO ONE on Wall Street has uncovered or presented.

9 thoughts on “America’s Structural Job Depression Is Here To Stay

  1. Hi Dave, this is the 2nd housing crisis will housing ever recover? I think housing is the biggest bubble ever created, bigger than tulip mania!!!! People will loose faith in housing after this. Or probably not I don’t know how much more stupid things can get.

  2. Dave….
    The only way I know how to short a stock (housing as you mentioned) is via Options. But you’re suggesting 6-12month play… that’s a lot of premium to pay in advance.
    Are you suggesting another way to short this housing mkt besides using options?
    larry j

    1. I don’t like SRS, the inverse real estate 2x short ETF. You should look into shorting the stocks outright. Much better than options. I prefer to short-sell options as a seller of volatility, not a buyer.

  3. very timely…..

    The Labor Department is putting the screws to the folks who are cheating on the unemployment and inflation surveys.

    Sources tell me the Bureau of Labor Statistics is forcing the Census Bureau to change the way it fact-checks the surveys that produce some of the most important economic statistics compiled by the government.

    And that tells me the Labor Department must believe there are substantial irregularities in the numbers.

    I think it’s well past the time the Labor Department owns up to the fact that its surveys have been corrupted by manipulation.

    Now it needs to determine how far back this problem goes.

    The consumer inflation numbers go directly into cost-of-living adjustments for millions of Americans, including Social Security recipients.

    The inflation survey might undergo another change. Currently, field reps for the monthly inflation survey, the Consumer Expenditures Survey, leave a booklet at households, in which someone fills in purchases.

    But if Census workers want to be dishonest — or just meet a quota for completed surveys — the paper document could be mishandled.

    Census is now contemplating the use of an electronic device that will be left with families being surveyed about household purchases.

  4. One thing for sure, the idiots at CNBS will never show this GREAT analysis. It amazes me that the establishment is still getting away with all the lies. Considering they have no other choice and an electorate/ system that LOVES all the free cyber money from the Fed, I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Seems like the propaganda has about run its course. Thanks for the work.

  5. 3 years ago, I was working full-time at $13 a hour (I was there for 12 years). got laid off in mid-2011 and faced age discrimination (now in my mid-50’s). Now I’m working part-time at 8.25 / 25 hours a week with other part-timers. Without food stamps, we would be starving right now. What’s worse is the store I work at is starting to make good profits and what does corporate do? They say cut hours to all the part-timers who have worked their ass off to make the place a success. I only can pay for rent and power, so goodbye to consumerism and disposable income. With the cuts, I won’t even be able to pay my primary bills – more empty apartments coming in the future. The younger generation are working two part-time jobs just to survive. College? forget it! Besides, too many universities have so much debt that a federal bail-out either is happening privately or will very soon.

  6. Thanks you guys for putting that video together.

    I have known for some time that structurally- our employment picture is bleak. How they have managed to create an illusion of health is what has me scratching my head. It seems all markets, aluminum, libor, gold, and even the data sets are all heavily manipulated. I don’t spend a lot of time trying to convince people of this-other than on my site- because most don’t understand it and fewer still- just don’t care.

    Strange times indeed.

  7. Seems to me the American poor are OK because they seems satisfied sucking the
    government tit but it’s the so called middle class that are suffering and will continue
    to suffer. These people grew up knowing that if they worked hard they would get
    ahead but now in Obama’s America that dream seems all but dead. People want
    to work and are used to working but the jobs are no longer available so what do
    they do to enjoy a meaningful life. I’m thinking that when the shit really hits the
    fan there will be rioting in the streets and American law enforcement agencies
    will be ordered to fire on their fellow citizens. No wonder Obama is trying to
    provoke war with Russia or any other country that will rise to his bait. Complete
    and total insanity that could have been averted but now it appears we are so far
    down this slippery slope thanks to the greedy, power hungry, insane bastards that are in control that it will be nearly impossible to reverse course.

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