AMZN: The World’s Greatest Ponzi Show – Find Out Why

Dave  was brilliant in his 25 page report detailing the financial manipulation at the hand of Jeff Bezos. His investigative mind and tenacity in digging further for the truth has exposed Amazon’s/Jeff Bezos’ fraudulent activities to the public. Dave has a unique way of explaining every aspect of each graph, photo and financial statement throughout his report that anyone without the experience in the field can comprehend.  – “Kim” in Connecticut

AMAZON dot CON – the price is going up after tomorrow.

The Wall Street Journal in an article on AMZN’s “transparency” reports that, “In the case of Amazon, the company finally broke out details showing that its AWS business is now generating about $6 billion a year in revenue with operating margins of 21%—far above the 5% margin seen in its North American retail business.

Yet AWS is still projected to account for less than 10% of Amazon’s total revenue this year and next. Amazon, meanwhile, now trades at more than 150 times forward earnings.   Here’s the link:  WSJ

Of course, I would never expect a financial media journalist to understand accounting and finance.  Why should they?  Their job is to regurgitate the pig vomit served up to them by the Wall Street firms that buy expensive advertising in their publications.

AMZN in fact revealed very little about its AWS “cloud computing” business other than showing us revenues and a rigged operating income number.  My research report explains why the operating income number attributed to AWS is not only highly misleading but the source of revenues fueling the growth of AWS is of very low quality.   And AWS is A LOT less than 10% of AMZN’s total revenues.

Furthermore, that “150 times forward earnings” number is a complete fabrication of Wall Street hockey puck projections.  AMZN has lost money on a net income basis in two of the last three years and, nothwithstanding the temporary boost to operating income from AWS, will continue to absolutely bleed cash.   It’s burned through $4 billion in cash in just the first six months of 2015.

My report goes into a level of in-depth analysis that will never be published by Wall Street or the financial media.  You can access my report here:    AMAZON dot CON

The price of this report is going up after tomorrow.



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