An Interview With Kerry Lutz/Financial Survival Network

I did an interview with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network a little over a week.  We covered the condition of the housing market and the precious metals market.

It’s no secret that I believe the housing market is getting ready to collapse again, barring some sort of extraordinary push to reopen the floodgates of subprime mortgage lending.  Although I think the probability is low that will occur, it would not be inconsistent for the U.S. Government to underwrite something that stupid.

We also covered some topics in the precious metals sector.  At the end of that segment Kerry was able to squeeze two mining stock ideas out of me.  In the spirit of full disclosure, we do own these two stocks in the investment fund I manage with two partners.

Here’s the link to the audio podcast:   Is The Real Estate Recovery Over?


6 thoughts on “An Interview With Kerry Lutz/Financial Survival Network

  1. Go to Youtube and lookup thelebogroup and watch the Las Vegas update. Somehow the correct link I initially posted pointed to the wrong video above.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I actually have that site bookmarked. I like this line: “half the sales as last year but twice the inventory.” I have a feeling there’s a lot markets like that right now.

      1. Oh that quote is from the March update. He sounds a bit more optimistic in April. Not unexpected since selling homes is how he makes his living. From everything I’ve read, Vegas is sitting of boatload of unrented investment home inventory – ditto for Phoenix and SoCal. I know w/in the next few months there will be a glut of new rental apt buildings in Denver.

        I also believe that the demand side of the market was re-saturated over the last couple of years. Anyone who can fog a mirror can get a mortgage right now from the FHA, at least w/in the confines of the reduced amount FHA will finance.

        1. I agree that he sounds optimistic in April but I give him credit for telling people in Vegas marketing to get out for the last 6 months. If the numbers “lie” good enough, he might change his tune and start up-selling housing. I hope not as his numbers shows the decline of the market and he would have to go against those numbers that he knows is the truth.

          The housing bubble is alive and well in Reno, NV. $130,000 homes going for $200,00 and above. Townhouses worth $70,000 are going for $170,000. I just can’t see anyone going for this and would speculate that investors are going heavily into debt to buy up real estate.

          something will go bust to send us down the spiral decline.

    1. LOL. Anti-gold/silver campaign was rolled en masse last night – Bloomberg, Reuters and the WSJ all published smear-job reports. LBMA GOFO went more negative last night, which means the cartel is having trouble sourcing physical bars to deliver into China’s supposedly “waning” demand.

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