And We Criticize China? All Major Index Futures Halted

And a U.S. news service didn’t have the balls to report it. From UK Reuters – the U.S. media has not reported this:

S&P 500 and DOW Circuit Breakers Hit

They let the market run when it’s spiraling higher non-stop, but they can’t take it when the forces of nature take the market back the other way. This country is just as bad, if not worse, than China…

NYSE circuit breaker

Blame it on China. Ignore the fact that the primary source of all of the world’s bubbles is the U.S. dollar bubble. How’s that interest hike looking next month, Janet?

The more I considered all of the evidence, the more I am convinced that China knew exactly what it was doing when it initiated its yuan devaluation. It knew that the bubbles in the U.S. were being driven by the U.S. dollar and debt soured carry trades.

China was the first to fold its cards and sprint for the exist – before the exit became too crowded to get out. Everyone was looking at their Treasury holdings – their cards laying face-up on the table. It was the trump cared in their hand that no one saw coming…

Well played, China.

10 thoughts on “And We Criticize China? All Major Index Futures Halted

  1. Who could have seen this coming? LOL! So do they trash the dollar to prop the market? In any case, I’ve got the popcorn out.

      1. I think AMZN will drop down to the level of March 2009 before the QE pump started.
        That´s about 70 dollars a share.
        I will stay in this game until I can see Bezos thin body floating down the river (if it can float).
        Who will get the last evil laugh??

        I think it finally will drop below 100 if you have the patience and nervs to stay the trade.

  2. So when do we see the reverberations of the stock market on real estate? I’m going to be particularly interested in seeing what’s going to happen in my neck of the woods Seattle as well as Silicon Valley.

    1. Give it time.
      The QE pump has been going on since 6-7 years back.
      The unwinding will take it´s time as well but everything goes faster down the elevator shaft than up the stairs.

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