Another Retail Stock Bites The Dust On EPS/Revenue Miss

Update: This stock closed down 15.8%. Anyone who read my retail short report and set up a short in this stock yesterday made a quick 15.8%, minimally. The stock was down over 20% at one point.


As my 2-stock retail report details, there’s plenty of downside left in this stock and the other company reports on December 3.

You can access this report here for a special price:  Two-Stock Retail Report

Not every stock pick will perform like this but the retail sector is going to get hammered from a middle class consumer that is out of disposable income – a situation that will be made worse as the new Obamacare premiums start to take affect…the stock market is not even remotely pricing in this reality.

BlogLOGO_retailThe 2nd stock in the report close up a bit today, along with the SPX, and is setting up nicely for a short-sell opportunity ahead of its earnings on 12/3.   If the demographics of company attached to the stock above is getting pinched – which it is – the demographics of the 2nd company is really getting squeezed.

Click on the image to the left to access my report.

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