Are The Elites Slowly Waging “War” On The U.S. Population?

You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality – Ayn Rand

Beware of the leader, who strikes the war drum in order to transfer the citizens into patriotic glow, patriotism is indeed a double-sided sword. It makes the blood so boldly, like it constricts the intellect. And if the striking of the war drum reached a fiebrige height and the blood is cooking and hating, and the intellect is dismissed, the leader doesn’t need to reject the citizens rights. The citizens, cought by anxiety and blinded through patriotism, will subordinate all their rights to the leader and this even with happy courage. Why do I know that? I know it, because this is, what I did.   And I am Gajus Julius Cäesar.

4th Gen warfare also relies on fooling the target population into supporting measures that are secretly destructive to the people. For example, liberty movement support for controlled opposition such as Russia or China, or liberty support for a military coup in which the top brass are elite puppets just like the Obama Administration. Think this sounds far fetched?  It has already happened in our recent history!  Marine Corp Major General Smedley Butler was hired by corporate moguls to lead a paid army in a coup against Franklin D. Roosevelt (also an elitist puppet) in 1933.  Butler luckily exposed the conspiracy before it ever got off the ground.  Both sides were controlled, but the coup if successful could have resulted in popular support for the expedient erosion of the Constitution, rather than a slow erosion which is what took place.  – Brandon Smith,

What’s the motive?  An uncontrollable collapse of the U.S financial and economic system.  Most of you are already aware of the Jade Helm 15 military exercises which reportedly run from from June 15 – Sept 15.  But many of you have been reported seeing highly unusual military equipment movement via rail and other various exercises.  One of the local readers of this blog emailed me a detailed of paratrooper exercises being conducted at Chatfield reservoir in southwest metro Denver.  Chatfield is surrounded by large areas of open space and is a popular hot air balloon launching location.

For those of you not up to speed on Jade Helm, I covered it in this blog post:  Jade Helm 15.

Somethi highly unusual and extraordinary is definitely going on in the Government’s military complex.   There has been a large-scale movement across the country to outfit local police forces with advanced military equipment.

Brandon Smith of wrote a must-read commentary on the rise of the U.S. Government’s totalitarianism:   When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It.

This is not the same country into which I was born in 1962.  Many trace the evolution of the movement to a totalitarian Government to the founding of the Federal Reserve and the authorization of the Internal Revenue Service.  If you have not seen it, I would strongly urge you to watch Aaron Russo’s “From Freedom to Fascism,” which chronicles the very long term implementation of totalitarianism in the United States.  I will be absolutely shocked if you are not thoroughly horrified after watching that documentary.

It all fits.  The U.S. Government’s domestic military exercises, a collapsing economy, rising social unrest, a large portion of the population which is not working, the inexorable rise of patriotism (“honor the heroes” promoted everywhere, including at halftime of almost every professional sporting event).

If I didn’t know better, putting it all into a long-term historical context, I would say the elitists have done a very good job of “boiling the frogs.”   The only question left in my mind is whether or not enough “frogs” have not been intellectually incapacitated and are capable of rising up in resistance.  Please note:  the French Revolution was executed by less than 2% of the population…

8 thoughts on “Are The Elites Slowly Waging “War” On The U.S. Population?

  1. Dave:
    If you have not picked up a copy of “The Proud Tower” by Barbara Tuchman (a book written + or – 1960) you might want to do so – some chapters are just hard to get through – others are compelling.
    Now into this tome about 3/4 of the way through I am utterly convinced that we are witness to the re-creation of the run up to war that those from 1880 to 1914 Europe fomented. The result then became Tuchman’s “The Guns of August” about the first 3 months of WW1 and we know what happened after that. This after the powers that be said that Germany would defeat France and the allies in a matter of 2 to 3 months at most – ummmm…..4 years later and near 10 million military and civilian deaths – well….decide for yourself who the ‘intellects’ of this are.
    I personally find these oligarchs (who at the end of the 19th C were defined as the “Patrician” class) to be THE most contemptable of the lot – this would include the Warren Buffet’s, Obama’s, Soros’s etc. Utterly despicable, souless, disgusting scum these beings are – I am not want to describe them as HUMAN beings as they have NO regard for anyone but their own puny little selves and their garnering of power.
    As I had noted as well – if you have not read it pick up a copy of “The Lord’s of Finance” as well – describing Montagu Norman, Halmar Schact et al. and the power grab post WW 1 to pre WW2 of the central banks. Book goes into great detail about war reparations, lead up to FDR and what he did and the corruption of fed banks and their lap dogs in the gubmit.
    Happy reading there in the Columbine State.

    1. RJ, yes “The Proud Tower” is good, and perhaps even more appropriate is Tuchman’s “The March of Folly”, about the factor of willful stupidity in history.

      HOWever – now putting on my (old fashioned and non-tenured) Historian’s hat – you are mistaken to equate today’s vulgar oligarchs with the patricians or aristocracy (two different classes, both almost extinct now) of 100 years ago.

      First, just to clarify, patricians are not aristocrats. America has never had the latter, but it DID have “patricians”, meaning upper class families with a sense of inherited civic obligation. Washington and Jefferson were patricians. John Adams wasn’t, he was old fashioned bourgeois, in the good sense of that word. (Dr Ben Franklin was neither, he was working class.)

      But the essence of “patricians” was a sense of civic duty. Therefore the patrician George Washington rode in the front lines and had three horses shot from under him.

      Today’s American oligarchy aren’t patricians, they’re Soviet-style commisars who believe might makes right.

  2. The world’s greatest civilizations have averaged 200 year lifespans and progressed as follows:
    1/ Bondage to spiritual faith
    2/ Spiritual faith to great courage
    3/ Courage to liberty
    4/ Liberty to abundance
    5/ Abundance to selfishness
    6/ Selfishness to complacency
    7/ Complacency to apathy
    8/ Apathy to dependence
    9/ Dependence back into bondage

    An empirical life average over the ages, of 200 years for each and every great empire.
    The United States of America is 239 years old. It’s “past due date” is here.

  3. Dave, you wrote with apparent approbation of the French Revolution: “Please note: the French Revolution was executed by less than 2% of the population…”

    Well yes it was, but the Bolshevik “revolution” in 1917 was executed by even fewer than that, to disastrous effects. I mean, Dave, you’re a brilliant financial analyst – and a good analyst of current politics – but in this instance your sense of history is a bit deficient. BECAUSE:

    The French Revolution was a major root of Communism, and otherwise of the late Modern Age cult of the State. And although I won’t presently belabour that, still I WILL point out that the French Revolutionary regime instituted a TOTAL system of FIAT currency! Gold and silver were demonetised in favour of worthless paper “Assignats”…

    …meanwhile France’s old enemy England stuck to real money in gold and silver and copper specie – supplemented in the 1790s by England permitting PRIVATE entities to mint copper coins (tokens) circulating as equal value to Royal Mint copper coins! – and we all know who won those wars in the end! England, the country that kept real money – and paid its soldiers with real silver, yes in small amounts but at least it was real silver!

    Here’s a song my great-uncle passed down to me, which he learned from his grandfather (my 2-great-grandfather), who learned it from HIS grandfather who fought against Napoleon! The first stanza is about the enlistment bounty of 40 sterling silver shillings:

  4. Hm, in light of the above, I think now I owe THIS, to my American cousins! Especially considering that my 5-great-grandfather was a Redcoat who fought – and his side temporarily won – at the Battle of Brandywine (Pennsylvania) in 1777…

    …HOWever, I hasten to add, that in Winston Graham’s novel “Poldark” – about a Redcoat who fought against the Americans and then returned home to England – another Englishman asks Captain Poldark:

    “What are the Americans like?” And Captain Poldark answers:

    “Very much like us. That’s why they beat us.” ;-):

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