Are You Prepared For “The Road?”

Washington is determined to prevail, and the evil that Washington represents is leading the world to destruction.   – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

For a few years I have suggested to all faithful denialists that the biggest risk we face is not a collapse bigger than the one that hit us in 2008 but, rather, the possibility of “The Road” scenario unfolding.   As the U.S. catastrophically blunders its way through military disaster after military disaster in a fading attempt to defend the reserve status of the dollar and the power derived from that status, we are edging closer by the day to a nuclear war – and “The Road.”

Dr. Paul Craig Craig Roberts wrote an article that everyone needs to read. That is, unless you don’t really want to see the massive 2 x 4 that is being swung at your head by the Obama Government and the power-crazed, adrenaline-addled nutjobs deep inside the Defense Department.

Please take the time to read and reflect: Are You Ready For Nuclear War?

I know that before the Great Financial Collapse, the Fed and its agent banks put inexorable downward pressure on gold and silver to mute their “warning signal” qualities. I’ve been thinking that they’ve been the same for the last three years because an even bigger financial catastrophe is going to hit our system.

Unfortunately, the catastrophe that may hit us is contained in Dr. Roberts article. I hope I’m wrong…

4 thoughts on “Are You Prepared For “The Road?”

  1. That article is frightening. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Roberts as he’s a champion for the truth, but I hope he’s wrong about this.

  2. The US era is over, along with the small wars that it starts and never finishes. To do the same but on a nuclear scale is suicide. Dr. Roberts is correct and so is Steven Starr’s “The Lethality of Nuclear Weapons” article. Reads like the book of Revelation.

    When the next crisis hits, we’re talking very high unemployment. Since countries will be in fear of coups and rebel forces, war tends to be the way out. Except with our technology, “out” really means “The End”.

    And it seems to be slowly starting:

    “A Russian jet flew within 100ft (30m) of a US Air Force plane over international waters near Japan in April, US officials have said. The incident on 23 April involved a Russian SU-27 Flanker fighter and a US intelligence-gathering RC-135U. The US plane was flying a routine mission in international airspace over the Sea of Okhotsk, officials said.

    “The SU-27 approached the RC-135 and crossed the nose of the US aircraft,” Lt Col Myles Caggins III told the BBC.

    The Russian aircraft manoeuvred aggressively and exposed its belly to the American pilots to demonstrate it was armed with air-to-air missiles, Defense News and CNN reported.”

    So the dispute in the pacific ocean now includes Russia as it has sign agreements with China recently. Until now, this was a “China-only” problem. Will the US get into another “Two-Wars-At-Once” situation – one at sea and one on land (Ukraine)? Can we really think we can take on Russia AND China at the same time??! Both countries know that Washington is getting pimped up for war and they will do anything it takes to defend themselves. This is going to get very ugly and the US has a lot of vulnerabilities – all they need to do is cripple up financially and electronically.

    This is insane!!!

  3. Knowing that the physical gold is rapidly accumulating to China, Russia, India etc. I’ve often wondered what the end game was going to be. How are the western central bankers going to keep their phony currency game going once the vaults are empty. The tungsten ploy bought them some time but now the hour glass is nearing empty. The US is now making it clear that that unless Russia and China accept the continued diktats of the bankers/US military global control system they will be taken down one way or another. Nuclear war would allow them to wipe out any more resistance to their bogus money/control system and as an added bonus it would dramatically reduce the worlds (excess) population.

  4. There’s nothing wrong with this world, it’s the people in it who are screwed up. At least the upside of a nuclear war is that we would be wiped out as a species before we had a chance to ‘leave the nest’ and populate/pollute other parts of the known Universe. Ever wonder if there’s intelligent life out there? Wonder no more. The proof that intelligent life beyond our Earth exists is evidenced by the fact it hasn’t paid us a visit. A wise choice.

    Earth: insane asylum of the Universe.

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