A Modest Response To The Zerohedge / Acting Man / Bill Bonner Blog Post

Zerohedge reposted this Acting Man repost of a Bill Bonner commentary:   When Cash Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Cash.

Who cares?  I own gold – et tu, Brute?

The war on cash is irrelevant if you own gold. I could care less about the war on cash. “Conspiracy theorists” have been warning the public for over 15 years that this would happen. The material is available for anyone and everyone to become educated – for free.

Instead of attempting to understand why a cadre of bright individuals believe that the modern fiat/debt-based global financial and economic system is going to collapse, we have been maliciously defiled as “goldbugs” – or just “bugs” as Dennis Gartman is fond of saying, “paranoid nutjubs,” “Pet Rock enthusiasts” and other sundry pejoratives and expletives.  Quite frankly, it is highly probable that our world is on the cusp of what will be a schadenfreude moment for many of us…

Anyone who suffers when the U.S. goes digital only has themselves to blame:  The War On Cash Is Irrelevant If You Own Gold/Silver.

8 thoughts on “A Modest Response To The Zerohedge / Acting Man / Bill Bonner Blog Post

  1. As Modest Response To The Zerohedge / Acting Man / Bill Bonner Blog Post..

    Can someone supply a link or links related to this heading/topic?

  2. The first time I noticed a reference to elimination of cash was in a Robert Heinlein novel “Friday”, where the main character got in trouble and had her “cash card” cancelled by the Powers That Be to try to restrict her options for spending while on the run. Dystopian sci-Fi to commonplace in one generation.
    This is why fractional gold coins (and large quantities of silver coins for food) are so important to own. The terr’s have won, and are in-charge.

    There will be “cashless” transactions for daily trivia (tracked/fee’d/steered), then there will be gold for savings or “adult spending” for serious business.

    1. “serious business” may include needing a handgun. point-three to one ounce, depending on quality and accessories, will get a pistol now and then. No background check possible or required, since the whole transaction is officially forbidden. People will get what they need, however they can, and some kind of market will provide it, even in a prison or police State.

  3. Dave, by not having cash and having silver and gold are you
    inferring that a black market will be created out of necessity ?
    I guess you could go to you L.C.S. and sell some coins and have
    the digits applied to your bank account. That means you are now
    reveling that you possess bullion. What will be the proper protocol ?

  4. Black markets always have and always will provide relief in varying degrees from government malfeasance. From Brandon Smith a few years back:


    All one needs to access the black market are items that will always be in demand.

    In addition to PM’s, I went long:

    Ammo (and a few extra firearms)
    Food, including livestock and gardens
    And a list of other prepper supplies

  5. I may not be part of the 1% club that is wealthy enough to own my own politician, but I am part of the other 1% club that may yet have that prerogative. Proud to be a “nut job”.

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