Belgium “Adds” Another $40 Billion Of Treasuries – Russia Is The Seller – The Fed Is The Buyer

I would first like to note – in response to anyone who might think that China is a “clandestine” buyer of U.S. Treasuries – that per the latest monthly Government report on “Major Foreign Holders Of Treasury Securities” (report link) China’s holdings of Treasuries during the time period that has been examined has declined.  Also please note that Russia’s have declined by $50 billion since the end of October:

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I also want to emphasize one last point, for anyone trying to find evidence of the Fed using dollars to buy the bonds using the Fed’s Flow of Funds Statement or Balance Sheet.  The Fed engaged in a large dollar/euro currency swap facility with the ECB (European Central Bank) a few years ago.  It is highly probably the dollars used to fund Belgium’s account to purchase the bonds were sourced from the ECB, which is why the trade from Russia to the Fed using Belgium as the beard was executed through the Euroclear clearing and settlement system, which just so happens to be domiciled in….Brussels.

Please see this article:  The Fed’s Covert QE , which has been featured in:
Global Research – Center For Research On Globalization
Information Clearing House

5 thoughts on “Belgium “Adds” Another $40 Billion Of Treasuries – Russia Is The Seller – The Fed Is The Buyer

  1. There’s also a great complimentry interview to the article PCR did with Greg Hunter on usawatchdog as well. This whole charade is simply mind bending and you can only wonder how much longer the lies and deceit can go on for. Tapering is now Newspeak for incereased bond purchasing.


  2. And to think , the Fed has stockholders ! The IRS is paid to collect they’re profits !!
    Damn ! You can’t make this S#@$ up !!
    Folks , we’re getting hosed ! Help to support the cause in finding alternatives around controls which are placed on each and everyone of us.
    Buy physical gold and silver and hold onto it !

    1. like pulling away from corrupted system to core?

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