Blatant Comex Gold Manipulation: A Tragicomedy

The outright and blatant  in-your-face manipulation on the Comex is the epitome of “absurd”  It is humorous because of its  juvenile predictability.  At the same time, it is profoundly tragic because it is emblematic of a Government and financial system run by a few people who have decided to govern and lead by their own rules.



6 thoughts on “Blatant Comex Gold Manipulation: A Tragicomedy

  1. so the NY Fed’s trading desk is managing the worlds gold price. They must be desperate if putting lipstick on a pig is all they have left in the chamber. What a joke. I can’t wait for the blowback from all this intervention.

  2. Oh I think you can wait. When this balloon goes up its going to be hell for all, but the very well to do and connected. The rest of us no matter how well prepared will be in the deep…..

    1. That was a spike up in the metals on Friday when the news hit that Ukraine was bombing the Russian humanitarian convey. Prior to that the metals were slammed as soon as the Comex floor opened per my post on Friday

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