BREXIT: An Expression Of Political Freedom

In the latest episode of Market Update, we explore the “aftermath” of the BREXIT vote and the fact that the global markets have become manipulated by the Central Banks to the extent that it’s impossible to tell the difference between reality and fraud.

“There had to be hedge funds that blew up on Friday that we’re not hearing about”


4 thoughts on “BREXIT: An Expression Of Political Freedom

  1. Liquidity is the number one issue right now. The market is free to decide which kind it wants to use…. debts or assets.

  2. I think Brexit is the best chance for central bankers to work themselves out of the awkward spot they have pushed themselves into. The Fed’s passive aggressive game of hawk-dove had become too predictable and even the MSM had reached a point where it had to question its credibility. Recession, markets tanking, whatever – blame everything on brexit, let the carnage unfold, and then step in to implement whatever new twisted scheme they can come up with. Also, if they don’t let the markets tank, then that means all their doom and gloom warnings were for naught.

    1. Credibility for CB’s amounts to this, now that the major mission statement of the real-time price measuring model has been developed …… kick the can and pray like hell that the market finally “gets it” and comes to the rescue with debt-free liquidity

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