BREXIT And The Escalation Toward War With Russia

Today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth’s Market Update series covers the use of the BREXIT referendum as a point of deflecting the public’s attention away from much more serious issues engulfing the U.S. and the world. It’s a distraction away from the collapsing global economy, the corrupt U.S. political system and the escalation of U.S. military belligerence toward Russia and China, both of whom are working to remove the U.S. as the global reserve currency in order to flatten the global economic and financial “playing field.”

7 thoughts on “BREXIT And The Escalation Toward War With Russia

  1. Flattening the global economic playing field means normalizing wages across the globe. Something I heard from Catherine Austin Fitts. This means lowering wages in the US as jobs are transferred to where the labor is cheaper, leaving a dearth of good paying jobs here in the US. Foreign labor trends up, US labor trends down.

    The other downward pressure on wages comes from automation. What employer wants to hire employees with all their personal issues if a machine can do the job better, costs less and is more reliable? Rolls Royce is developing a container ship that requires no crew. Driverless trucks are not far away. Uber wants to use driverless cars. Hadrian, an automated brick layer can lay 1,000 bricks an hour. I read that bankers and tellers are about to be replaced by automation. Wendy’s will be replacing counter help with self serve touch screen terminals. The Toronto airport and Laguardia airport already have self serve terminals (iPads) in some restaurants. I saw a story about an automated weaving machine in Japan that can make a complete garment, including sewn on buttons, without humans involved. So, even the low paid, unskilled jobs will be replaced. Raising the minimum wage may accelerate the process a little, but the end result will be the same.

    Trump likes to talk about bringing jobs back and making America great again. I prefer Trump to the Hildabeast, but I know he can’t bring jobs back or make America great again. Nice slogan, but meaningless as the goal of corporations is to reduce labor costs and eliminate labor in favor of automation wherever possible. This trend is unstoppable. Seems the politicians are either clueless about this, or prefer not to share the truth with us. Probably the latter, as what can they do to change it?

  2. After the Brexit (cf Deutsche Bank f-cking GOING DOWN IN FLAMES, DOWN 20 percent just today!)…

    …Here’s what’s going to happen all over Wall Street in the next few weeks:

  3. Yesterday after the Brexit vote came in I watched CBS news for a few minutes. I rarely watch news on TV due to the senseless propaganda they spout. Anyways, they brought in this investment expert called Hillary Kramer and asked her what would be the impact of this event on the US. And she said something to the effect of Yellen is keeping things stable, investors have nothing to worry till the elections at-least. So “investors” should continue to overpay for garbage because the Fed’s got their back. Seems like a sound investment strategy.

    1. You would’ve been better served by staying tuned to CSPAN the whole time instead. I have to give CSPAN big kudos for being a class-act for running wall-to-wall ITV broadcast, which was lot more objective & not much bankster propaganda. I was tuned to it nonstomfrom about 3 PM Pacific till around 10:30 PM Pacific. Didn’t take even a single second of bathroom break & was doing multiple celebration dances, handstands & clapping. Granted there was occasional regional bullshit about Sinn Fein local politics in Northern Ireland or Scottish National Party that I don’t care about. But CSPAN was a 1000% upgrade compared to any of the propaganda bullshit from CBS, Fox, CNBC or PBS.

  4. Oh, but THEN? DO YOU KNOW what those fucking EXECRABLE central bankers have been doing today? After the Brexit? They – the Bank of England, and the US Federal Reserve, and the ECB, have – today, after the Brexit – they have been fucking CREATING MORE COUNTERFEIT MONEY out of NOTHING, JUST TO KEEP FUCKING LIQUIDITY FOR THE CRASHING ASSETS! (Mainly STAWKS!) They are just fucking FELONIOUS COUNTERFEITERS!…

    …and THIS is what they DESERVE!:

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