BREXIT Denied: Mission Accomplished

In this installment of the Shadow of Truth’s Market Update, we discuss the actions taken by the western elitists to rig the outcome of the BREXIT vote on Thursday (June 23), the response by the markets to the new expectation that BREXIT will be denied and the significance of anti-U.S. sentiment growing around the world.

2 thoughts on “BREXIT Denied: Mission Accomplished

  1. NWO has made it clear that they want blood, they want violence, they want death, and they want destruction. They’ll not settle any of the burning issues peacefully. Had they been willing for peaceful resolutions, matters would’ve never come to the stage they’re at now.

    At this point, none of these issues are about money at all. Talking about markets, “investment”, COMEX, gold/silver etc. is all secondary. The struggle is primarily about the forceful worship of Satan imposed by NWO on everyone.

  2. if what John Titus said is correct & little people are starting to quietly pick up metal? the big end of town won’t want that!! if a couple of them have actually ran the math
    through their pea brains, they may finally realised nominal wealth is not gonna translate to purchasing power,…..that means they have have to to bring this down, so maybe this market is gonna dump? friday a 30-50 million share dump at the open , themn monday 30million at the tape? i know still relative low volume but some is desperately trying to sneak out of this market JMO

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