“Buy” Signals Are Appearing Everywhere In Gold

The prediction I presented in the last Mining Stock Journal to subscribers about gold is developing even before the new year.

Although it seems like the precious metals sector has experienced another down year, the
HUI index is still up 48.6% from its 12/31/15 close and it’s up 65% from its low on January
19th this year.

The technicals in the gold market never been set up better than they are now for a contrarian move higher. On the assumption that gold closes on Friday lower for the week than last week, it will mark seven straight weeks in which gold has closed lower on a weekly basis. This has never happened before.

The premiums for physically delivered gold in China have never been higher. Egon Von Greyers, in Switzerland, reported in his latest King World News interview that there are reports that Swiss refiners have been paying a premium to buy gold. My suspicion is that the Chinese are willing to pay $30+ premiums to world gold in order to keep the supply from Swiss refiners flowing, which is why Swiss refiners are willing to pay premiums to acquire dore bars and scrap.

This illustrates the growing disconnect between the price of gold being paid by the markets in which physical delivery is a requirement vs. the price being paid by the paper gold markets (NYC, London) in which physical delivery (i.e. removed from the exchange and received into private hands) is highly limited, if not outright discouraged or considered a peculiarity.

The above analysis is an excerpt from the latest issue of the  Mining Stock Journal.  In thi s issue, I present several technical indicators which suggest gold is poised for a big move higher.  The mining stocks have been telegraphing this since late November – I detail this point in the MSJ

The MSJ is a bi-weekly subscription-based newsletter delivered to your inbox every other Thursday. The focus is primarily junior exploration mining companies, which have provided the best upside returns since January. Bloomberg featured an article – LINK – which explained that in-ground reserves at the large gold producers are dwindling. This will make small exploration companies with demonstrated gold/silver resource in the ground a lot more valuable going forward. You can access the MSJ here:  Mining Stock Journal Subscription Info.

I am a subscriber to both of your journals.  I just want to say “WOW” to this post on your site. Thank you for all your work.  As a financial professional of 28 years’ experience, I can tell you why there is no churn in your journal subscriptions. Your work is extremely sound and well done even in a massively manipulated environment.  – Kevin B.

New subscribers receive all of the back-issues (via email) plus a glossary of terms which help explain mining technicals.  The latest issue, released yesterday, has a junior explorer that has a proved resource on the largest copper-gold deposit discovered in recent years. This stock is worth at least twice it’s current market price based on the fundamental value of the deposit.

7 thoughts on ““Buy” Signals Are Appearing Everywhere In Gold

  1. your last few posts make a lot of sense… added to my modest mining holdings yesterday by a factor of 1.5 ~ but wife and I invest equally in experiences these days, they really do pay off in spades… plus, it’s nice to have new adventures to look forward to

  2. I think it also makes sense to do some traveling with this strong dollar. Been to Japan and Australia in the last year and a half. Was keen to head to Italy but with all the immigrants I may opt for elsewhere. Started buying gold in May 2000.

  3. Something different, but if you’re up to it going into the deep end of a rabbit hole in between Xmas & New Year’s Day:

    I implore you to investigate the tangled web of Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com, Amazon Web Services, CIA & Washington Post.

    Jon Rappoport had been doing a great job of aggregating chronology with a lot of links related to this going as far back as 2010 to 2013 to today AND providing his commentary over it. He provided an excellent starting point for this research. You can start from his work & dig deeper. It’s stuff of truly mind-blowing revelations, a deep matrix.

    I won’t post any direct links here. Just do a DuckDuckGo search for Jon Rappoport’s blog on WordPress. He posted couple of articles around December 12 on this topic. It’s straightforward to dig deeper from there.

    The gist of the matrix is: Amazon were awarded a MASSIVE contract with CIA prior to Jeff Bezos’ purchase of Washington Post. This allowed CIA to build a humongous “Big Data” technical infrastructure based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) architecture, that could mine information about all Americans, the extent of which you wouldn’t believe. Perhaps putting the entire NSA to shame. Over & above possibility of Amazon sharing private information of their entire customer base to CIA, this makes Jeff Bezos literally an insider of the deep-state & a CIA agent. CIA’s data-mining using Amazon cloud technology goes far beyond just regular Amazon.com customer base. It applies to the entire American population.

    This all comes full circle around November-December 2016, when Washington Post shamelessly published a CIA report without any concerns about impunity, that randomly goes about labeling internet sites that the deep state hates as “Russian Propaganda”.

    The implications of this tangled matrix are unbelievable. I didn’t even throw in tidbits about the short duration back in 2010, when WikiLeaks were hosted on Amazon Web Services, but had their contract abruptly terminated after CIA stepped up their pressure. The bottom line is: Amazon & Jeff Bezos essentially have financial backing of a bottomless pit of money, off the back of CIA & US taxpayer funding. This in part explains the brazenness with which his fascist conglomeration operates, like it has no fear of failure, accountability or penalties for libel.

    My mind is TOTALLY spinning after thinking about the true implications of all of this, especially due to the technological sophistication involved. It is even beyond anything George Orwell (Eric Blair) had envisioned back in his days.

    I’m now safely going to crawl back under the Christmas tree & try to unlearn what I’ve just learned.

    Ignorance is truly a bliss.

  4. I know a person that would not buy an Eagles CD because it was only sold at Walmart and then later on laughed at me because I didn’t have an Amazon account. Selective ignorance is bliss.

    Almost two hours about the Clintons but I couldn’t stop listening. Jeff Sessions will be a busy man.

    1. I can’t understand how any of these people can be expecting Donald Trump to come in & clean up all this evil @ the DEEPEST, MOST INSIDIOUS level of corruption?


      I mean, Donald freaking Trump also has his name connected with the disgusting Jeffrey Epstein pedophile in Virgin Islands that Bill Clinton is associated with. Donald Trump is appointing the Goldman Sachs insiders (Mnuchin, Gary Cohn) & Jamie Dimon to either cabinet positions or top level insider admin jobs. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if people like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt etc. start showing up as top level names in Donald Trump administration.

      I’m utterly & comfortably numb after learning more & more about how deep & gutted the rot is.

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