Can Gold Hit $1500 By The End Of September?

Gold was taken down $19 from the close of Friday’s post-Comex Globex trading, when it closed at $1301, to $1281 40 minutes into Comex floor trading on Monday, June 20. The apparent catalyst was the polls which surfaced over the weekend that showed the public sentiment in England had shifted heavily in favor of remaining in the EU.

It’s all Kabuki theatre because, at the end of the day, if it looks like the elitist will not get the outcome they want in Thursday’s vote, they’ll rig the outcome to make sure they do get it. Nothing happens by accident and it’s no coincidence that the pro-euro MP was given a dirt nap last week and the polls all of sudden shifted to reflect No-BREXIT outcome.

But gold began to rise steadily during the day, which means that there plenty of other catalysts besides the BREXIT issue which drove the price of gold higher since May 22. At the same time the stock market sold off steadily from its high of the day 30 minutes into the NYSE open. This market action is bullish for gold and quite bearish for stocks.

The big question in everyone’s mind is, “where would the price of gold be without the heavy intervention exerted on the market by the Comex paper gold Ponzi scheme?

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6 thoughts on “Can Gold Hit $1500 By The End Of September?

  1. Anybody with Brains should be buying GOLD right now with both hands and feet because its dirt cheap and 5 years from now or even sooner you will be kicking yourself because if you didn’t buy.

    Thank God there is still a Paper Market because it is offering us a chance of a Life Time.

    There is simply No way Anybody can Now keep the Financial System from Imploding . . . .Time will Prove this Statement to be 100% Accurate !


  2. “Can Gold Hit $1500 By The End Of September?”

    Can the wheel fall off the system so completely even MSM sources have to acknowledge it? Becasue they are likely to happen together, or in very close proximity.

  3. A rising gold price increases the probability of WW3 which very likely would be nuclear. We should not underestimate the dedication of the system to prevail. To much is at stake.

  4. Looks like a Remain win is being priced into the PMs, wouldn’t be surprised to see the Friday morning hit on metals ‘n miners be bought with both ending green heading into the weekend

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