Can The Fed “Normalize” Without Collapsing The System?

The official lies about the economy keep mounting.  The Dallas Fed reports that its regional economic activity metric surged in early September, despite the complete shut-down of Houston for a few days during the “measurement” period.  The “general activity” index spiked up to a 7-month high. Clearly the quality of this report is suspect, to say the least.

Contrary to this report, the Chicago Fed’s National Activity Index plunged to -0.31.  It was the weakest reading since last August and a huge plunged from the July reading of 0.03. The Street was expecting 0.11.  Because of the nature of this index (85 sub-components measured at the national level) it takes a lot to “move the needle” for this metric.  A negative point-three-one reading implies that the national economy broadly contracted during August.

Clearly the Dallas Fed propaganda was intended to reinforce the Fed’s empty threat to raise interest rates and “normalize” its balance sheet .  Silver Doctors invited me onto their Friday weekly market podcast to discuss the latest propaganda that spewed forth from the Fed’s FOMC meeting earlier in the week, the western Central Banks’ losing battle to push the price of gold lower and the continuing deterioration in the U.S. political and economic system:

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7 thoughts on “Can The Fed “Normalize” Without Collapsing The System?

    1. “bi-weekly” means “every two weeks.” “bi-monthly” would mean every two months. If you’re not receiving it every other Thursday (or probably Friday morning if you are in Austria) please let me know so we can figure out what’s happening with the delivery!

  1. I don’t think we going to see collapse yet in October , looks like They are not prepared yet for that . “Good news again” from them only for while.
    Total collapse is still coming and Gold will explode. Seat tight and enjoy life while you can.

  2. No collapse … the FED is micro-managing the stock markets very carefully while they reduce the balance sheet … the FED can’t allow a market sell-off while the are offloading their junk assets onto the sheep.

    1. Well, they have yet to reduce the balance sheet. I’ll believe that when I see it. And the aren’t offloading anything. Supposedly they’ll just let the Treasuries mature.

    2. The market is much bigger than the Fed, and much quicker too. All it takes is for panic to enter the minds of the market, and poof!, the Fed doesn’t have a big enough printing press.

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