Can We Believe Anything Coming From The U.S. Government?

It’s gotten to the point at which, if Obama got on t.v. and stated that the sun came up in the east today, I would have to search the internet to make sure there was not any evidence that it didn’t.   But of course, the majority of the U.S. population is now nothing more than what I’ll call “television zombies.”  The Government is well aware that if they plant anything on CNN and Fox News or in the NY Times and Washington Post that most Americans will believe it.

On Monday this week, reports started surfacing that Russia was selling gold.  First Soc Gen and then JP Morgan.  The reports cited “sources in Russia.”   When I read these reports I almost fell of my chair with laughter.  This is one of those examples in which American t.v. zombies will believe anything.  This is a “tell ’em 2 plus 2 equals 1 and I bet they swallow it hook, line and sinker” report.

To begin with, Russia has no need to sell gold.  In fact, Russia added 150 tonnes of gold to its Central Bank holdings in August, September and October.   It didn’t make any sense that Russia would then turn around and sell gold.  Why?   Russia runs a current account surplus – LINK.  It has cash on its balance sheet.  Something the U.S. can only dream about, as the U.S. Government has to issue debt every hour to fund itself.  The last time the U.S. sniffed a positive balance of payments was in the 1980’s.

Second, Russia just got through paying down a big chunk of sovereign debt during Q3.   It’s current Debt/GDP ratio is 10%.  The U.S. Treasury Debt to GDP is over 100%.  Note:  this does not include direct obligations like the debt of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now guaranteed by the U.S. Government.  The last time the U.S. had Debt/GDP of 10?   I don’t know, the Fed records only go back 1966 and the lowest that ratio got between then and now was about 30% – LINK.

The story planted in the media by the U.S. elitists just did not add up.  And then Russia released its November Central Bank balance sheet which revealed that it had bought another 600,000 ozs/17 tonnes of gold in November (source:


Well, so much for the lie that Russia was selling gold to raise capital.  In fact, if Russia had sourced the gold it bought in November from the Comex – assuming the Comex reports, which are sourced from banks which lie, are valid – the purchase would have wiped out 78% of the gold which is listed as being available for delivery.  Russia did dump $10 billion in Treasuries in October.  Yes, Russia is selling U.S. Government bonds, not gold.

As the U.S. Government and Wall Street become increasingly desperate to hold onto their power – power which enables them to suck all the wealth out of our system – their lies and propaganda become increasingly blatant and absurd.   Of course, they can get away with it because they know that American zombies will believe it as long as  CNN, Fox, Bloomberg or CNBC reported it.

12 thoughts on “Can We Believe Anything Coming From The U.S. Government?

  1. I would guess that if Russia ever did need to sell its gold for US Dollars, they would sell it directly to either India or China where the gold would remain outside of the West’s grasp forever. Besides, with the formation of the BRICS partnership, Russia could sell resources or weaponry to the rest of the BRICS nations for US Dollars.

    Off topic, or maybe just a parting shot from me- I think it was Obama who said “Don’t do stupid stuff”-but doing stupid stuff has been the mantra of his administration for six years, I don’t expect it to turn on a dime and do anything smart any time soon.

    1. “doing stupid stuff has been the mantra of his administration for six years”

      They are desperate and such people/vipers are very dangerous. My grandfather witnessed the end of Austro-Hungary, he used to say that an empire, when fading, will always resort to childish lies. The US is no different. Their sense of ‘exceptionality’ is only thinking that their lies will be believed.

      It’s actually sad to see grown ups behave like this.

  2. The main stream media has never been more consolidated, giving the average citizen the illusion of choice. Just six media giants control a staggering 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to.
    1/ General Electric
    2/ News-Corp
    3/ Disney
    4/ Viacom
    5/ Time Warner
    6/ CBS
    Thats 232 media executives that control the information diet of over 300 million Americans on a 24/7 basis. And of course they obey their masters on Wall street, who “suggest” to whom ever occupies the white house, the content of the latest “news”.
    This is the “real” department of propaganda.

  3. Exactly. Why would Russia divest itself of the very gold it has been voraciously acquiring since the last financial crisis? Gold which, if sold into the market, would depress its price and result in an even smaller return of what? US dollars? Gold which, if Russia so chooses, can be used to strengthen the ruble and mercilessly turn the tables on the US dollar (and just about every other piece of fiat crap on the planet). Gold which, along with silver, is one of the few lifeboats that will safely deliver Russia through the coming fiat conflagration.

    Russia sell its gold. Sure, when pigs grow wings and fly to Jupiter.

    1. Exactly Marcus. In the words of Greg Hunter, this “Russia selling gold” story is too stupid to be stupid! Yet, most people still eat up this propaganda as if it’s the straight up truth! Told by the “real” department of propaganda.

      1. As I was growing up, my father used to tell me something every now and then, and I oft times repeat pieces of his teachings. They’re as true today as they were 50 years ago when he was telling them to me. The one that’s appropriate for this discussion is; “The masses are a$$es”.

  4. Like Dr. Roberts says, the american sheeple are inside the matrix.
    I emigrated 14 years ago to asia. Let me tell you, gold is everywhere and is THE currency.
    Don’t buy the bullshit from the con artists in the Fascist States of Amerika.

  5. Based on what I’ve read It appears the nations of Asia plan to build their own trade zone . It appears Gold has a place within their financial future. At some point the Dollar will lose petro dollar and world reserve status. Jim Willie states the U.S. Would be forced to create a new currency. After such a colossal financial failure how would the new currency gain public support without hard money? All the weapons purchased by DHS and other government agencies tells me the government expects violence. what are your thoughts?

  6. To petedivine:

    I don’t know about you, but my mantra is that NOTHING the government says is true unless checked for accuracy by an unbiased source. The government puts its own spin on anything and EVERYTHING that it says, and if you believe what the government tells you, you are an a$$.

  7. Russia is in better shape than we are. Russia is looking ahead to the future and buying Gold. We, unwisely, are selling Gold. Russia is in cahoots with the Brics and growing nations that are evolving. We are linked to nations in recession,deflation and monetary turmoil, think Euro. Russia,China,and North Korea have vast military power that they can afford. We have superior technology in our military that we can no longer afford. Russia has Putin, a former KGB intelligence officer. We have “The Republican Party” Boehner,McConnell, McCain, Rubio,and Paul. Like I said, Russia is in better shape than we are.

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