The NWO’ers and U.S. neocons have been out since this past weekend railing against the British populace vote for self-determination.   The best thing that can happen for Democracy is for the rest of the EU member countries to line up and fall out of the EU like dominoes.

Why do Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden and the other Establishment U.S. politicians hate the BREXIT decision?  Because it completely undermines the U.S.-controlled NATO, which plunders U.S. military hegemony.  It also undermines Obama’s beloved TPP Treaty, which removes Rule of Law as it applies to U.S. multinational corporations.

Here’s the attitude that Hillary Clinton supports:  “”The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate”.  –  Martin Schulz,  President of the EU Parliament .

If the nationalism which gripped the U.K. last Thursday spreads to this country, it might force real change in this country.  That’s something to “hope” for.  Graphic courtesy of William Banzai on Zerohedge.com:


Stand Down Merkel, Stand Down Please

said I see no joy, I see only sorrow
I see no chance of your bright new tomorrow

so stand down Margaret, stand down please, stand down
I say stand down Margaret, stand down please, stand down

Stand down Margaret, stand down please, stand down Margaret
I say stand down Margaret, stand down please, stand down

I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get the chance
Just to sing to my children in a holiday jam
Our lives seem petty in your cold gray hands
Would you give a second thought, would you ever give a damn?

2 thoughts on “CELEBRATE BREXIT

  1. As an American-born Australian grandson of an Englishman, I have been celebrating the rebirth of English liberty! My blood bonds with England, going back thousands of years! My DNA Y Chromosome says that my forefathers lived in England around six thousand years ago, the INDIGENOUS British, even before the Celts arrived – long before the Anglo-Saxon immigrants – the Celts arrived 2,500 years ago, and the Anglo-Saxons arrived 1,500 years ago, but the INDIGENOUS people of England, including my paternal line, have lived there for SIX THOUSAND YEARS!…

    …and so I have been celebrating, thus:

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