Central Banks Buy 75 Boeing Dreamliners Worth Of Gold In 2014

Please note – And this is extremely important – the amount of gold purchased by Central Banks in 2014 DOES NOT include any amount of gold that was accumulated by China’s Central Bank, the Peoples Bank of China. This is a fact that mainstream media or the World Gold Council will not report.

The World Gold Council is reporting that Central Banks purchased 477.2 metric tonnes of gold in 2014.  Apparently this would be enough to purchase 75 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.  Governments added 477.2 metric tons to their reserves, the second-biggest increase in 50 years and 17 percent more than a year earlier, the World Gold Council said in a report Thursday. Based on the average price of gold in 2014, central banks probably paid about $19.4 billion. A Boeing 787-9 has a $257.1 million retail price, according to the company’s website.  Bloomberg News

This amount represents roughly 25% of total amount of gold produced by mines globally during 2014.  That’s another fact that won’t be reported.

The report lists Russia as being the biggest buyer.  Of course, in what has become standard western media fraudulent and misleading journalism,  recall that American business news made an attempt at reporting that Russia was unloading gold toward the end of 2014.  Subsequent disclosure from Russia’s Central Bank revealed that Russia was in fact buying up large quantities (www.goldchartsrus.com, edit in white is mine – click to enlarge):


Further, please note that the number from the WGC does not include any gold hoovered up by the PBOC.  The WGC notoriously is incredibly inaccurate with its estimates on gold imported into China.  It has absolutely no clue how much gold is being accumulated by the PBOC.  Of course, no one else outside of the highest circles of Chinese Government knows this either.

Thus, any estimate of Central Bank gold buying during ANY time period should be asterisked with a note that states explicitly that the number is an estimate that does not include PBOC purchases.


9 thoughts on “Central Banks Buy 75 Boeing Dreamliners Worth Of Gold In 2014

  1. If private investment demands comes back to the gold market, the price of gold will skyrocket. And it will come back!

  2. Cleveland Fed (Accidentally?) Links to Paper Extremely Critical of US Monetary Exchange Interventions During the Bretton Woods Era; Pulls Paper

    It is probably no surprise that the paper is no longer featured at the Cleveland Fed. The paper is a detailed 87 page report on the massive interventions in currency markets that the Treasury and the Federal Reserve conducted during the era of the Bretton Woods exchange rate system. The paper is exceptionally critical of the market manipulations that took place during that period.


  3. How much longer can the manipulation of paper gold last? I dunno
    but I do know it’s getting disheartening watching the fraud and theft
    that’s ongoing with the full knowledge and support of the US
    government. Unbelievable corruption that I never thought would be
    possible. The world is fucked thanks to Bernanke, Obama and the
    other sociopaths leading the USA to ruin.

  4. desperation rising???
    25% of physical gold buyers are crazy, metals executive says

    A lot of people who buy bits of physical gold aren’t looking to make a bracelet or ring. They buy gold because they believe disaster is imminent.

    These investors are convinced gold will spike to $10,000 an ounce (it’s currently around $1,225) when the U.S. government implodes, said Peter Hug, an executive at metals retailer Kitco.

    Hug calls these people “crazies” and says they form a substantial amount of the U.S. physical gold market — at least 25%.


    LOL…ad hominem attacks by a perpetrator of fraud.

    Kitco Metals among gold traders facing Quebec tax fraud allegations

    MONTREAL • Revenu-Québec is seeking prison sentences and fines totalling $750-million for Kitco Metals Inc. founder Bart Kitner and directors with several other gold trading firms following one of the biggest tax fraud investigations in provincial history.

    Quebec’s revenue department on Monday said it filed a total of 1,920 charges against Kitco and 11 other companies as well as their directors and an accountant implicated in an alleged fraud scheme linked to gold processing. Some 120 charges were filed against Kitco and another 120 against Mr. Kitner involving total fines of $454.6-million.

    “This is an investigation that’s lasted several years and the evidence is significant,” said Revenu-Québec spokesman Stéphane Dion. “Without a doubt, it’s one of the largest investigations we’ve ever done.”

    The total amount allegedly derailed by all 12 companies charged was $350-million over a two year period ending in 2010, Mr. Dion said. The ministry claims Kitco specifically made false statements and tried to obtain tax rebates to which it wasn’t entitled. The amount related to Kitco was not made public.


  5. The World Gold Council (WGC) is nothing more than a tool for the western gold market manipulators. It has been proven to be negligently false in it’s accounting and statistics.

    “There is now so much evidence the demand numbers from the World Gold Council are eroneous the WGC is obligated to either revise their numbers upwards, or cease reporting on the Chinese gold market all together. Until then their numbers on Chinese demand are completely unacceptable.”

    – Koos Jansen


  6. And yet CNBC has been trumpeting a new World Gold Council report that came out in the last few days that global gold demand is at a 5 year low! LOL. Such misinformation even from the WGC!

    1. Jason –
      The World Gold Council (WGC) is closely tied to the LBMA and is a member of this association, which has VERY expensive membership fees. Another organization that it has close ties with is the CPM Group headed by none other than Jeffery Christian. The WGC and the Silver Institute were brought into being through the auspices of the GFMS, Gold Field Mineral Services. Which also traces it’s parentage back to the LBMA! The deeper you go into the rabbit hole, the curiouser and curiouser it gets! A vast nest of deadly snakes.

      1. Also, what you may find of interest is that the GFMS is owned by the global media giant Thomson Reuters, which has close ties with the CPM’s owners, who are the global marketing and communications conglomerate the Omnicom Group headquartered on Madison Avenue in New York.

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