CEO Of Moscow Exchange: Replace Dollars With Russian Gold

One way or another, the eventual fate of the dollar is inevitable…

“Super-conservative investors purchase dollars and keep them “under the pillow, which is not very safe”

Russian gold could become the perfect alternative to conservative investments in the greenback, the CEO of Russia’s key trading floor, Moscow Exchange (MOEX), believes.
“Let’s offer an alternative to the US dollar in the form of Russian gold, which we produce… investment gold,” CEO Alexander Afanasiev suggested, speaking in the Lower House of Russia’s parliament on Monday.

He added that some “super-conservative investors” purchase dollars and keep them “under the pillow,” which is not very safe, he believes. The MOEX chief also noted that Russians have increased their investment activity and act “surprisingly rational.”

Russia is the world’s third-largest gold producer and in 2017 boosted its gold output by more than six percent. It produced almost 265 tons of gold in January-October 2018, according to data provided by the Finance Ministry.

Read the full article here: US Dollar/Russian gold

3 thoughts on “CEO Of Moscow Exchange: Replace Dollars With Russian Gold

  1. The real or current value of gold is in the bottom box on the
    right. Amazing that this price suppression bullshit has lasted
    as long as it has. Our day is coming and all those who chose to
    ignore or not educate themselves about gold will be shocked
    when gold reaches it’s true value.

  2. Lynn, think about this, what $1000.00 would buy you in 1971
    will now take $5400.00 . Those who do not understand value shall
    always remain lost. Don’t really care what price gold is in fake dollars.
    How are YOUR negotiating skills ?

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