Complete Breakdown Of All Economic Activity

The Baltic Dry Index hit a new all-time low yesterday of 522.  It was over 2200 as recently as late 2013.  The stunning collapse in this index is similar to the stunning collapse in the price of oil since July 2014.  Not one single Wall St. analyst was forecasting a decline for oil. Similarly, many of the indices of many of the reports which measure economic activity in this country are beginning to drop sharply, with several back to their levels of 2008/2009.  

Retail sales fell nearly 1% two months in a row, including in December which should be the best growth month of the year for retail sales.  Today the Empire State  Manufacturing Survey (from the NY Fed) declined  and missed consensus estimates.  The new orders sub-index dropped close zero and the future business expectations index collapsed from 48 to 25.

Folks, our economy is getting ready to fall off a cliff again.  My colleague Rory Hall (The Daily Coin) and I did a brief “Web of Deception” episode discussing theses issues plus a brief update on Greece:

2 thoughts on “Complete Breakdown Of All Economic Activity

  1. As an aside Dave, the supply/demand imbalance for energy mirrors the indices (BDI) and their record(er) lows. Presently there are over 40 LNG tankers sitting at anchor outside Singapore. These ships are tremendously expensive to build/maintain and must be kept constantly busy for their owners, to not only realize a profit, but a return on their initial investment. Each day sitting idle is a dead loss for the owners.

    1. That’s a great observation. It throws cold water on the theory that the port strike in L.A. is part of the reason the BDI is tanking. Temporary situations like that would not cause shipping owners to lower rates.

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