Complete Idiocy Engulfs The U.S.

William Shakespeare at his creative pinnacle could not have written this screenplay:

The first time I watched this I thought it was a joke – product of National Lampoon. Then the reality of it hit me like a ton of bricks. Is this really a productive use of Congressional time? The entire U.S. system is hurling toward a debt-induced financial and economic apocalypse. At the same time the Deep State, using Trump as its hand-puppet, is alienating the U.S. from the EU/NATO, this country’s last remaining allies.

The “trade war” is nothing more than the Deep State’s set-up for a military war. The dollar is being removed by China as the reserve currency, which will in turn take away the power enjoyed the elitists running the U.S. since Bretton Woods. If you are unsure how this story ends, take another look at history.

The election of Trump – a narcissistic baboon with a business track record littered with bankruptcies – is the epitome of defining deviance down. J. Edgar Hoover would have salivated at the prospect of having a President with the personal background of Trump. Anyone who still believes Trump controls of the Presidential decision-making process is hopelessly naive. Rather than “draining the swamp,” the swamp monsters – aka “The Deep State” – have taken control of the Oval Office.

One can only wonder if Hillary Clinton intended for her “the Russians hacked the election” during the Presidential debates to mushroom into the full-blown DC political circus that seems to captivate the public. To be sure, it’s Deep State propaganda at its finest designed to deflect the pubic’s attention away from the fact that corporate and banking elitists are systematically sweeping the last crumbs of public wealth off the table and into their pockets.

18 thoughts on “Complete Idiocy Engulfs The U.S.

  1. Suppose your right. And I am not suggesting your not.
    I even agree this could be the scenario although I hope not.
    Does that mean all is lost, or is there a way to survive this ?
    I’ve been saving precious metals and investing in mining stocks
    since 2006, It was fun for a while and I don’t even acknowledge any
    pain anymore because I see of no other way.
    Can you tell me the best way in your opinion to survive this, just your best
    hunch, one sentence will suffice.


    1. Thanks, great answer. But you know there is no
      going back. I’ll deal with it, and fight till the end.

      Appreciate your commentary.

      1. Many of us are in the same space as you psychologically. Unfortunately, history tells us very clearly and
        repetitively that chaos and global war ensues when the ruling Empire is collapsing. That cycle is just part
        of the human condition. The only way to deal with it – because the odds of survival are low – is to have
        as much fun as you can, while you still can. There’s just no way to know when the “rug” will pulled out from
        under us.

        1. Many areas are in the U.S. are already existing under “Third World” conditions. Those areas have not
          benefited from the money-printing and are areas that have been hollowed by the de-industrialization of America.

          It’s fitting that the U.S. now has a President who is a corrupt, narcissistic baboon. That is the iconic symbol
          of a Third World country.

          1. You really want to see third world ? Then go to Los Angeles
            and you will see where the U.S is heading. I left that shit hole
            six months ago and would not go back for anything. The only
            problem is that as the virus spreads to other parts of the U.S.
            there won’t be too many places to run to. Overseas ?

          2. The US Presidents (and most of the politicians) have been totally corrupt for the last 40 years. Trump is the least corrupt president since Reagan

  2. Agreed. The current monetary system is hurtling towards mathematical and human behavioral certainties. The unknowing and fooled masses are the ones in white suits following behind these circus animals, sweeping up their excrement.

    The fortunate ones paying attention and understanding how history gives us the future – AND WITH THE WILL TO ACT – are getting their personal crumbs of wealth off the table and into the jurisdictions/assets that might be on high enough ground.

  3. Certainly we always have only a choice of the lessor of two evils. When is the last great president we’ve had? It’s been a LONG time. But…

    Do you think we should have elected Hillary? That was the only other choice.

    Why do you think that 95% of TV and print media are anti-Trump? All of the known liars and globalist New World Order fascist totalitarian scumbags HATE Trump! And actively have been trying to destroy him. Why is that?

    1. Matt,
      The press overwhelming votes for the Democratic candidate. That has been known for a long time. That plus the unexpected win they can’t accept, plus Trump antagonizing them, plus the fact he hasn’t emotionally matured past about 8th grade, and he’s crass, etc. = over 90% are anti-Trump.
      As for this statement “All of the known liars and globalist New World Order fascist totalitarian scumbags HATE Trump!”, I don’t know if that is true or not. But I don’t find him likeable; why should they?

    2. * that is the plan – to distract the plebs – when obvious fake news is seen the citizen just scoffs (but it is a win for Trump) producing fake news…

  4. Regardless of Trump’s flaws, every day I’m glad it isn’t Hillary there, as glad as I am to take a good dump. There’s just something deep down satisfying there.

  5. Trump is a very compromised president, indeed. It’s hard to imagine that the wise guys don’t have a boatload of dirt on him. If not (unlikely), they’ll have ways of insuring some covenants on his mortgages aren’t up snuff, I’m sure.

    But, really, how long can these gangsters and their useful idiots, running the central banks, keep this shit show afloat? The charts these idiots are painting couldn’t more obvious. Someone is going to pull the pin – after getting out, of course.

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