Currecide: The Globalists’ Planned Annihilation of Your Savings and Freedom

Stewart Dougherty is back with another guest post. I believe this is his best work to date. I wanted to share some his thoughts from out email exchanges, which are raw, unedited and quite insightful:

I totally agree with what you wrote me previously about gold going ballistic this year. It’s probably better set-up right now than at any other time in history, for a large number of reasons. I hope it can finally overwhelm, once and for all the schemers who work to keep it down.

I continue to think that cash elimination is the biggest story out there. It is a fraud of epic proportions, and its implications are dark and deeply disturbing. I realize that I keep coming back to this theme, but it’s because it registers with me as being so incredibly important. Sometimes, you have to say something five times before people say, “Wow. This is important. I better do something about it.” If people decide to “do something about it,” they are going to find that their options are limited. Gold being one of the few of them. Gold demand would go nuts if only the people could finally understand why they need to buy it right now. I feel a bit like Don Quixote, but I also think that the dam of realization is coming very close to breaking, and that there could be an outright flood of new, popular awareness and action.

After a decade’s worth of sharply detailed and psychologically painful analysis, Dr. Rudolph Rummel determined that in the 20th Century, governments killed 262 million of their own citizens. This was in addition to the roughly 40 million persons killed in combat during the same century, in government-waged wars. In all, governments were responsible for the murder of more than 300,000,000 people in the 1900s alone.

Rummel coined a term for this mass annihilation: “Democide,” which he defined as “the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder.”

He concluded that the root cause of the 20th Century democidal onslaught was the addiction to and miscarriage of power. Recasting Lord Acton’s famous quote, Rummel said: “Power kills; absolute power kills absolutely.”

Summarizing what he had learned from his research into the recurring problem of government mass murder, he wrote: “The problem is power. The solution is democracy. The course of action is to foster freedom.”

Last week in Davos, Switzerland, a small clique of rich and powerful people met to refine and advance their command, control and exploit agenda for humanity, the primary objective of which is to destroy human freedom.

Despite the warning shots aimed their way by an increasingly plundered and disgusted populace, it was clear that the Davos elite had not heard or sensed a thing. For them, it was full speed ahead with their plans to exert increased control over and wring greater profits from the embattled citizens of the world.

One of the core principles of Inferential Analytics, the forecasting methodology we have developed and use, is that all happenings represent Life Forces in action. All Life Forces consistently strive to become stronger, expand their reach and achieve positions of dominance. They do not merely wish to survive; they seek to prevail.

To illustrate, Greed is not simply an unquenchable thirst for money exhibited by certain people; it is a fundamental Life Force that drives those people, who are its hosts. Greed constantly searches for new ambassadors who will carry it to new heights of achievement. Occasionally, Greed hits the jackpot by locating particularly talented hosts capable of radically expanding its domain. An example being people who create slush funds that pose as “foundations,” in order to steal money intended for some of the poorest people in the world, such as Haitians. The criminally insane are particularly fine vehicles for the Life Forces of Evil, including Greed.

Dr. Rummel proved that Genocide is another Life Force constantly striving to scale new mountains and seize new territory. Genocide, which is far from being done with humanity, instinctively knows, as all Life Forces do that it must adapt, modernize and transform itself in order to achieve even greater success as it plows through time.

Genocide realizes it has big shoes to fill in the 21st Century if it is to exceed last century’s astonishing achievement of 262,000,000+ murdered people. And while Obama did everything possible to destroy U.S. relations and provoke hostilities with Russia and China, and Merkel does her absolute best to orchestrate the slaughter of civilization within Germany and throughout Europe, Xi is not Mao and Putin is not Stalin. Genocide is asking itself, “Where are all the dead people supposed to come from in the next 83 years, if I am to surpass the record I set last century?”

Life Forces will do whatever they must to invent new tactics, create new shapes, conquer new territory and set new records. They are paragons of evolution. And true to its innate instincts for high achievement, Genocide is currently evolving right before our eyes, which we can easily see if only we look.

Genocide has realized that its destructive opportunities in this world are far greater than it had previously envisioned. It now understands that annihilating human beings is not its only form of expression. It can annihilate something even better: human freedom, a much larger target that is easier to destroy. It has reached the profound insight that it is impossible for people to be free if they are financially enslaved. And that financial enslavement can be engineered on a mass scale if people are buried in debt, made completely dependent upon bankers, and then systematically impoverished while having no means of escape. It has comprehended that 21st Century enslavement will be digital, and it is extremely excited about its future.

In Davos, the Deep State oligarchs intensified their push for the elimination of cash. They recruited additional shills to help promote their agenda, including Dan Schulman, CEO of Paypal, and Columbia University Professor and Nobel Prize holder Joseph Stiglitz. They joined other Deep State operatives who have been beating the same cashless drum for some time, including Group of 30 members Lawrence Summers and Kenneth Rogoff, both of whom were also in attendance at the Davos full court press.

An oligopolized, international digital payment system is the keystone of the Deep State’s globalist agenda, and a prerequisite to the implementation of full-spectrum, for-profit, transnational governance and control. The oligarchs realize that if they can gain control of the people’s money, then they can gain control of the people themselves. Accordingly, they are now pushing the agenda harder than ever, before the people wake up to its extraordinarily evil intent and ramifications, and rise up to reject it.

We view the cash elimination agenda as Genocide staking a modern claim to 21st Century terrain, using a host even more powerful than governments: the Deep State Oligarchy that owns and controls them. Genocide is embarking on the equivalent of a corporation launching a new product line. We have named its new brand Currecide, which stands for the mass murder of currency. But it will go beyond that. Currecide will result in the annihilation of the people’s savings, and with it their freedom.

Currecide represents the most pernicious, expansive and potentially profitable fraud ever committed against the people in history. The plan is simple, and if successful will produce epic returns for the Deep State perpetrators who are engineering it: trap the people’s money within their financial institutions, and then systematically plunder it via negative interest rates, transaction charges and constantly escalating monthly and annual account maintenance and other fees. As the people’s savings vanish, they will be forced to turn to the banks for loans, and the interest charges on their added debt will further impoverish them in a vicious, self-reinforcing cycle.

The timing of Currecide is financially lethal to the people, because it is happening just as the pension funds and government entitlement programs are going bankrupt. Therefore, the people’s savings will be under attack at the exact time when they need them the most, in order to survive.

Currecide will result in the imposition of an entirely new and incremental form of taxation: financial. The money generated by these financial taxes will not flow to governments; they will flow to the owners of governments: the bankers and Deep State oligarchs. In addition to rendering unto Caesar, the people will be forced to render unto Mammon.

The financial self-interest of the hucksters of cash elimination is blatant. Paypal is in the business of digitized payments, and a payment system oligopoly will personally enrich Schulman. Summers is a director of Lending Club (digital money) and a “senior advisor” to Digital Currency Group (digital money). He, too, is expecting a big payday from Currecide. Virtually all of the academic promoters of cash elimination provide consulting services to or are otherwise funded by bankers, the orchestrators and beneficiaries of the fraud. The entire promotion is a tangled web of self-interest, greed and especially the lust for power, about which Rummel warned us so starkly.

A mere 7 days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetized 86% of India’s cash by surprise edict, Bill Gates, the world’s richest man at $92 billion and counting, happened to show up in New Delhi. Gates met with Modi and praised his gambit, even though it had created unprecedented financial chaos and personal hardship for hundreds of millions of Indian citizens. Gates hailed it as a “bold step by the government.”

According to the BBC, Gates urged Modi to allow mobile phone companies to move into the consumer finance market. In a speech, Gates said, “these [digital financial] services can transform your mobile phone into a kind of digital bank branch, allowing you to pay for goods and services, transfer money and even get loans at the push of a key. … A move into the digital realm [in other words, the ultimate elimination of cash, a potential windfall for Microsoft that he has long advocated] will cut transaction costs, allow government to pay benefits directly to those who need them, and make credit easier and cheaper for everyone.”

Gates made the Deep State’s true agenda crystal clear: First: addict hundreds of millions of additional citizens to the toxic, expensive drug it peddles: debt. This is what he meant when he said that a cashless, digitized financial system would enable people to “get loans at the push of a key,” and “make credit easier and cheaper for everyone.” With western citizens choking on debt, the Deep State must expand its horizons, and Gates is doing his part. Second: trap the people’s money within the banking system, with no option of cash withdrawal. Third: digitize humanity’s vital needs (such as for money) in order to gain maximum control, and make it possible to “turn off” trouble makers who are not on board with the globalist agenda being imposed upon them.

The planned Currecide is incontrovertible proof that the Deep State oligarchs, and not governments are in control. There is not one elected representative in Congress we can find who ran for office on a platform that included cash elimination as a plank. To the best of our knowledge, the members of Congress have been completely silent on this subject. The cashless agenda is not coming from the people, or their representatives. It is coming from the Deep State bankers who intend to make a monumental fortune from it, at the enormous expense of the people’s financial independence and personal liberty.

To protect your money and freedom, you must possess assets that are timeless and true. There are very few ways you can do this, and your current options will not exist forever. Supplies of the few things that can protect you are completely inadequate compared to the strong, upcoming demand that will wipe them out. We say this again and again, because it is so important. In our research, we see no greater threat to the people than Currecide, given its fundamentally evil design and sweeping, destructive ramifications should it take hold. In our view, gold and silver can help protect you as few other solutions can. We urge you to beware the Normalcy Bias, which tells you there is no rush to act, because the system has basically held together thus far, and therefore, it always will. The Normalcy Bias, which is a powerful psychological force, puts one at extreme risk. We hope you will seriously consider taking action now, while you can, and ignore the Normalcy Bias’s Siren song. We write solely in an effort to inform and, we hope, help people. We are not metals dealers, securities brokers or financial advisors, and we earn no compensation whatsoever from what we report to you, or suggest.

January 24, 2017

Stewart Dougherty is the creator of Inferential Analytics (IA), a forecasting method that applies to events proprietary, time-tested principles of human instinct, desire and action. In his view, forecasting methods not fundamentally based upon principles of human action are unlikely to be reliable over time. He is a graduate of Tufts University (BA) and Harvard Business School (MBA), is a 35+ year veteran of the business trenches and has developed IA over a period of 15+ years.

37 thoughts on “Currecide: The Globalists’ Planned Annihilation of Your Savings and Freedom

  1. The loss of freedom and liberty is one consequence of eliminating cash. There is also a benefit which nobody is talking about. If money can not be withdrawn from the banking system, bank runs are eliminated and this opens the door to the continuation of debt buildup. Cash elimination means opening the door to a system with no limits on the amount of debt held by the banking system. If the money stays in the banking system, the banking system can not go bankrupt regardless how high the debt is. The elimination of cash is therefore the solution for the presently unsustainable fiat monetary system. The life expectancy of the fiat system will be increased by at least another century. I think that is what the plan is.

    1. No.
      That prevents bank runs, and allows some debt to increase, but does not perpetuate the entire financial system’s debt ad infinitum.

    2. Robert,

      Eliminating physical cash would not prevent bank runs. Bank runs can happen just as well by having large numbers of depositors take money out of a bank electronically and transferring it to another financial institution. Another bank, credit union, mutual fund company, brokerage, insurance company, Treasury Direct account etc…There is also something called a silent bank run.

      Only capital controls, such as preventing people from closing accounts and limiting the amount one can withdrawal from their account, can stop bank runs.

      1. Hello All on This Thread: The financial institutions are all inter-connected. If one goes down, they all go down. Lloyd Blankfein specifically stated this in 2008, as he desperately orchestrated the bail out of Goldman Sachs. Goldman was hours away from collapsing, and there is no question whatsoever that they would have taken down the entire financial system with them. This is why Paulson literally got on his knees and begged Pelosi to approve TARP. When it gets bad, they will go straight to capital controls, because that is their only solution. Their only solution is to commandeer the people’s money, in order to buy time. They cannot save the financial system; it is totally bankrupt, and way too far gone. But they can buy themselves some time, and this they will do, by annihilating the people’s savings. Anyone who has money inside the system at that time is either going to take a big haircut, or lose it all. A person really doesn’t want to be too cute about the timing of this. When it happens, it is going to be fast and irrevocable. The current planning time is a gift from God. It’s a shame that so few people see it for what it is. All the best, Stewart

    3. So, you prefer debt slavery to freedom in order to enable unlimited debt expansion? Banks can still put you at risk by taking your electronic deposits and leveraging them in the unregulated derivatives market. And banks come ahead of depositors in the new FDIC paradigm. So banks can engage in risky behavior and not be overly concerned about losses, which can be made good by their depositors electronic funds.

      You’re not a big picture guy are you?

  2. Nice post indeed and Iam also quite unsettled by this huge push to cashless. What I do think is that groups in society / the free market will find a way around it. This even sooner rather then later. Ofcourse it will make life a lot harder for every1.

    Even in this cash society there are already forms of cash that are non bank and non government controlled. This example I like to highlight

    ”A number of things have served as money throughout history: shells, tobacco leaves, even cigarettes in POW camps and prisons. Now those operating in the urban drug trade are using Tide detergent as currency.”

    Regards, Hugo

    1. Hugo: I agree. The people will become creative beyond belief. They will overcome their oppressors with their ingenuity. But it’s important that they not wait til the last moment to become ingenious. It’s a whole lot easier to be ingenious now, than it’s going to be when this House of Fraud comes down. Regards, Stewart

      1. Hi Steward,

        Let me reply with agreeing with your assesment as well. Thats why I have already started to prepare. During my research into the question I came to the conclusion that gold and to a lesser degree silver during the transition (by lack of a better word) are actually not that great as currency.

        During that period small bottles of liqor serve the role of curreny way better, just as sigarettes and the likes. I think one should do his/her best to ride out the transition untill a new system is introduced. Then gold (and to a lesser degree silver) will be seen as it is, wealth and not currency nor money.

        There are two possible outcomes I think for the new system. 1) the SDR and then the elites can extend and pretend for at least another 25 years or 2) Try to control the hyperinflation that is already backed in the cake and direct it into gold and thereby reliqify the system. This requires a demolition of the paper gold system. Many central banks mark their gold to market for just this reason (and this is also why the Chinese gold market is physical only).

        Option two is ofcourse the way more stable system and worked in India for long. long time now, fiat is for spending, borrowing etc. Gold is for saving.

        regards, Hugo

        1. Hugo: Very well said, thank you. The only place where I might not fully agree with you is your thought that the SDR scam will buy them 25 years. It’s just another total paper fraud, so I don’t think so. And if you do stockpile some little liquor bottles, just be sure the local riffraff don’t know about it. You might get some unwelcome visitors. They will be mighty attractive if things unravel, and even those opposed to liquor are going to want to tank up in a big way! All the best, Stewart

  3. Happily we can preview these submerged fringedustries,
    Dysfunctional, devolved pseudoindustrial, quasihuman sharks.
    Thrashing media and government statistics till tail wags dog,
    Spewing muddy clouds of obfuscating derivatives,
    Burying the very scavengers that once thrived on the bottom,
    Unrestrained layering of “deregulatory” tranches,
    Saturating the systemic sea with monetized flora,
    Fossilizing liberty, evolution and trade,
    Missallocating exponentiated liquification,
    Subsidizing waves of hyperimbalanced dislocation.

    1. Michael: Fascinating. Someone who actually dis-aggregated, explored and explained what you wrote would deserve two Ph. D.’s. You put your finger on the true factors at work. Stewart

  4. “I totally agree with what you wrote me previously about gold going ballistic this year.”

    I don’t know which of you typed this, but you know better than me that won’t happen without a collapse of the COMEX controls via short contracts on PM’s; not just gold of course. And the COMEX is backed in this by all Western central banks plus the U.S. Treasury. So this year for a collapse of all of these entities’ power over the price in dollars of gold?

      1. Just for the record, I am NOT on record saying gold will go ballistic. I am on record saying gold will do better in 2017 than in 2016. When it goes ballistic, the environment around us will not be pleasant.

        1. “…. When it goes ballistic, the environment around us will not be pleasant.”

          I strongly believe or feel this way also. When the price of gold and silver [platinum too] can’t be controlled…that will closely correspond with economic chaos, and whatever comes with that.

      2. Hello David: I wrote the article and totally understand your irritation about what is happening with the price of gold. But let’s step back a moment. 20 years ago was 1997. Gold was coming into its bear market nadir, its double bottoms in 1999 and 2001 of roughly $250 per ounce. Given its 1980 high of $800, it was a horrible, infuriating, totally manipulated bear market. One has to go back to what the Hunt brothers unleashed in the silver market, in 1979-80 to understand what provoked the elites’ rage and subsequent, unprecedented at the time attack on precious metals prices. So from 20 years ago, gold has gone from around $300 in ’97 to its current level of around $1175. Compared to every relevant metric (money supply, debt, deficits, projected deficits, collapsing pensions, unfunded contingent liabilities, and on and on and on), today’s price is an insulting farce. Gold should be at $5,000, minimum, but imagine the message such a price would communicate to the people. The manipulators are simply not going to let the true market price happen. You might be 100% correct; they might be able to manipulate and oppress the price of gold forevermore. They might be able to print paper gold and stuff it into the system, driving down the price of physical, forevermore, even as physical supplies vanish. Of course, the price would continue to be completely fake, but maybe they can make fake, real, forevermore. If there is one example someone can find where fake was made real, forevermore, perhaps they can share it with us. Maybe it’s out there, but I don’t know it. All I know is that every single financial manipulation in history has ultimately collapsed. So the question becomes, “When?” When will this fraud collapse? I have no earthly idea. But I do know that the probability it will collapse is roughly 100%. And I also know that when it does, it will be epic, and that those who want to jump into the market at that point will be completely shut out of it, because supply will not be there, in any quantity. I was active in the silver market in the late 1970s, and I saw with my own two eyes what happened when the price spiked in 1979, going into the top in 1980. If you don’t happen to have been involved in the market at that time, all I can tell you is that it was a religious experience for all involved. People were standing in lines around the block to sell their Sterling Silver serving sets and flatware to dealers; dealers were renting UHaul trucks to haul the scrap silver overnight to the refiners 200 miles away and then rushing back to open their shops next morning; everyone was kiting checks to everyone else, because the money was always 2 – 3 days late in circulating through the banking system; the dealers’ checks were bouncing all over the place, not from fraudulent intent but because the money was slow to move through the system; tensions were white hot; people who had sold their gold and silver and had received checks from the dealers that bounced were showing up at the dealers the same afternoon or next morning with three of their large friends threatening to kill the dealers if they didn’t get their money; I could go on for two hours about it; it was an experience no one who participated in it will never forget. And it is coming again. I can almost promise you, it is coming again. Please just consider two things: 1) The Normalcy Bias is everyone’s worst enemy; 2) when this market goes nuts, it will be 1979 – 80 on steroids. No dealer in his or her right mind is going to take a check this time around, the way they did in 1979 – 80, when many got burned big time, which drove dozens of dealers out of business. And the banks aren’t going to allow you to get cash; again, another HUGE difference between then and now. So people who want to buy are going to find it almost impossible to do so. Naturally, the big money people will be allowed to wire however much money they wish to wire; and then they’ll have to hope the dealers can and will actually deliver the metal, because remember, there is a time lag between receipt of a wire by the dealer and the delivery by the dealer of the metal. Contracts can and will collapse in that interim. It is going to be something for the history books, I can almost guarantee you. It’s important that people not look the current Gift Horse in the mouth, in my humble opinion. All the best to you, Stewart

        1. In 1980 I sold a couple of tubes of 1964 quarters for enough cash to rebuild a car engine [and I probably got ripped off becasue I answered a newspaper ad]. I had save a couple hundred face value of junk silver out of circulation in 1965 & 66 from my newspaper delivery route [on a bicycle of course].

  5. . I wanted to share some his thoughts from out email exchanges, which are raw, unedited and quite insightful:

    After finding two errors in one sentence I decided to not read. Hope nothing important was written.

    1. Have no worries. Nothing important was written. Just be sure to remain inside your anal compulsive bubble and autistic comfort zone. Move along, Sam. You’ll be just fine.

  6. I refer to what you are saying as Cold War II, the US government versus its own people, but the defining characteristic of a Cold War is that it is psychological, and relies on propaganda, and is directed at people (red states) who do not buy into the “progressive” movement. The history of Cold War II goes back to the Clinton let actions at Ruby Ridge, and Waco which energized dissent, and brought about the OK City bombing. As for the Russians part in all this, there are those who want to tear apart this country to make it better, and those who just want to tear it apart. Trump, like Bush will give us a bit of both. Bush of course ran an FDR style presidency. Trump is a bit more like Harry Truman, lacking nuance. Cold Wars are exhausting and expensive, and the winner always goes bankrupt.

  7. Stewart, thank you for participating in the comments section here..

    Most readers here agree that evil people and forces wish to entrap the peoples “wealth”. The speed of this “cashless society” movement, and the proponents behind it, is enough to cause us informed and thinking people to quickly ditch any Normalcy Bias we want to relax in.. These bastards are relentless, aren’t they?

    So what are the defenses? PM’s of course, but those will be taxed or taken or made illiquid in many jurisdictions. What do you think about Crypto currencies? Or land/energy/water/food that is independent and resilient? Any other solutions? I agree it is time to act, and I fear that Trump and a fledgling Deep State opposition movement will fail..

    1. Peter: Your comment and questions are extremely astute and important. My time is limited tonight due to commitments, and I want to give your question the attention it deserves. I will respond in detail tomorrow (Saturday, 1/28). I wanted to acknowledge your message this evening, so that you knew I had received it. Thanks for writing. More tomorrow. Stewart

    2. Pete: Thanks for your message. Here are some thoughts. Are they relentless? You bet. Let’s think about how twisted the situation is. These people actually use our money to figure out ways to steal our money. The employees at the European Commission, the Fed, the various national Treasury Departments, etc. are some of the best paid employees in the world. And their salaries come from Us, the People. So We, the People are actually paying these bureaucrats excellent salaries with extravagant benefits to spend their days scheming how best to expropriate our private, after-tax savings. It’s surreal. And this is why the schemes these people come up with never stop; it’s one thing after another, in an endless procession of tricks and gimmicks designed to steal from us. Do we really think that any of these richly paid bureaucrats is ever going to say to their boss, “You know, boss, I think we’ve pretty much done what we need to do, so I’d like you to fire me so I can go out into the real world and try to find a job that pretty much by definition is going to pay me a whole lot less than I’m making here in fantasy land. Oh, and that isn’t going to provide health care, vacation or pension benefits that even begin to compare with how I’m cashing in here.” Nope, none of the employees is going to say that. In fact, they’re going to say the exact opposite to their boss. They’re going to say, “Boss, I’ve got ten new ideas about how we can go trap the people’s money, and they’ve all got the potential to enable us to round up trillions of dollars, which sure could come in handy when pension time rolls around. But boss, I need five new employees to fully explore these opportunities, and of course, I need a promotion so I can manage them.” This is exactly what happens in an unending process, and these departments, and government in general just get bigger and bigger, to the point where We, the People can’t even recognize “our” government because it has become such a leviathan that bears no relationship to what it used to or was supposed to be. So that answers the “relentless” question, and I’ll do a separate post for your other ones. Stewart

    3. Pete: Here’s Part 2. Regarding land, energy, water and food, I think those are excellent ideas as long as an additional piece is in place: kindred souls. Very few people will be able to defend their land alone, or even with family, alone. I happen to think Cormac McCarthy is both a genius and a prophet. Most people think his masterpiece, “The Road,” is about the fallout of a ruinous war, maybe nuclear. But I think he was prefiguring a sweeping financial catastrophe. He was channeling something more than the consequences of war, as horrible as those are. He, himself, might not know the origin of the catastrophic outcome he described. Geniuses and prophets are sometimes like that; they somehow tap into such fundamental forces of perception, knowledge and understanding that they become the almost commandeered (while also heroic) messengers of them. They are able to translate the steam rising from the perpetually boiling cauldron of Vision into words. Yes, there’s a lot in the book that does connote it’s about the consequences of war, but there’s more to it than that. It’s hard to put one’s finger on it, but to me, he was portraying something different. Something the people are not prepared for, because it has never happened to them before, or to any people in history. (I am not minimizing what people have endured throughout history, up to and including today (think about what the people in the Middle East are enduring right now, for example; look at the images coming out of Aleppo, etc.; we see civilization literally disintegrating right before our eyes, in so many places.) It just seems that this will be unprecedented, because the factors in play are absolutely unprecedented. Psychologists are pretty much agreed that the survival instinct is the deepest, strongest and most primary one of all, and this indicates that most people will fight until the very end. It is our nature. So defending one’s position will be a constant requirement, and that cannot be done alone. There are prep people far, far more expert on this topic than I, and I’m not saying anything they haven’t been saying for a long time, but these are the thoughts your question about land, etc. brought to mind. One more coming later on. SD

    4. Peter: Here’s my promised third installment, in response to your thought-provoking questions. Regarding cryptocurrencies, they are tantalizing, but my personal desire is to reduce counter party risk to the absolute minimum. We take the Internet 2,000% for granted. It is a gift from God, and we should use it as much as we possibly can, while we can. It’s what makes this conversation, and so much more possible in the first place. But what if a “moratorium” is placed on it, in the interests of national security? Or if the NSA starts instructing the FBI and local Sheriffs to start arresting people who Google topics or visit web sites they do not like? They are trying to eliminate cash, because according to them, only terrorists and criminals use it. It’s a blatant, absurd and embarrassing-to-them lie, but they don’t care. They do whatever they want, and justify it with whatever lies they choose. The Internet is 1,000 times more dangerous to them than cash, particularly now, as their Mainstream Media are in meltdown and the alternative media are in a fully-deserved ascendancy. I realize that people have done phenomenally well with Bitcoin, and they deserve every penny they’ve made, in addition to the peace of mind it has brought them (particularly to those in disintegrating countries). But my personal counter party risk-avoidance posture lessens my enthusiasm for it. As to other solutions, my own action plan is to completely STOP FUNDING the enemy. I do not patronize Mainstream TV Media for one second; have cancelled all subscriptions to enemy print media; have absolutely nothing to do with Hollywood or its “stars,” most of whom are naive idiots who couldn’t survive in the real world for 10 seconds without their fluffers, agents and ridiculous, slave-paid compensation (I realize that Hollywood “cold turkey” is an extremely difficult and unlikely transition for most people, but I did it, and it has been a liberation in terms of time and freedom), I could go on. But the basic theme is this: Every single thing we are programmed by the elite to do (watch the Superbowl, patronize every movie Hollywood jams down our throats, watch network television, march in lockstep to every phony, artificial, concocted, high-cost, time-consuming, for-profit elitist event (Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, “Game Day”, “Final Four,”
      Golden Globes, Emmies, Oscars, Country Music Awards, National Secretaries Day, and all the rest … there are dozens of them each year, and each one is a for-profit, elitist bonanza), I do not do. I have withdrawn my financial consent from every single thing they promote. They do not make a penny from me, and they never will. Their arrogance, greed, lust for power and hatred of the common, decent people turn my stomach. And if we would all decide to withdraw our financial consent, we could defeat these bastards once and for all. Which is the topic of a future article I’m thinking about. Thanks again for your great, provocative questions. Best regards, Stewart

  8. Why is it we have to as human beings face this megalomania of the elite who look upon the rest humanity as an inferior race and then we have to face their power conspiracies which require humanity to then rise up at the cost of millions of lives to smite them. Why aren’t they satisfied with the Billions of dollars they have already in many cases stolen. we have to face the fact that all the rules of Democracy and ethics preached and followed by the majority of humanity are not what most of leaders we are supposed to follow actually did to achieve their alleged superiority. They want to eliminate the bulk of humanity so they don’t have to share the achievements that really wouldn’t have been achieved without the bulk of humanity being there in the first place. They falsely think that science has achieved the level of automation they can use to control the World without the need for most other humans. Their circular logic is false and will lead to their own destruction in the end because it is false. They fall prey to a megalomania that deludes them into believing their economic power is unlimited and they can avoid the limits imposed by the universe. They have been working feverishly over the decades to discover the source of immortality so they can enjoy power forever. But its a deeply guarded secret because they wont make this technology if discovered available to humanity. The rest if permitted to survive will merely be recyclable labor for their use. Humanity needs to wake to this madness before it again rips the World apart.

    1. Beautifully said. Yes, we need to wake up. Please see my third response to Peter, slightly above in this thread. We can beat these bastards by doing such simple things, such as withdrawing our financial consent. Peter Bowie’s song, “Heroes,” (well, actually, I think it was Brian Eno’s, but Bowie sang it so well) echoes in my head every day. “We can beat them, forever and ever.” Thanks for your powerful message. All the best to you, Stewart

  9. Call it what it is – a satanic, criminal ring of ethnic jewish pedophiles who want to kill off most of the rest of the planet.

    Put it this way, if you heard Saudi Arabia allocated as part of its annual budget billions of dollars to promote and assist white christian women in the US in the killing of their children would you not think they were at war with us? When those same billions are cut in the US budget a certain sect howl like the end of the world is coming. Its amazing how people willingly refuse to see whats in front of their eyes.

    1. Junior-Kai: You have certainly framed the abortion issue in a compelling way. Something for people to deeply consider. It’s amazing how inter-related all these topics become. Thank you for your comment. Stewart

  10. The issue is actually quite simple: The US and the rest of the western world consume more than they produce. The planned changes to the monetary system have only one goal in mind: to preserve the status quo for as long as possible.

    1. Robert: That’s it, and that’s Our, The People’s problem. Because the status quo is a Looting Machine, and the longer is persists, the more impoverished the people will become. It’s already quite evident that this is the trajectory. Many thanks for your comment. Stewart

  11. Yes, we are being looted. But only a few understand how.

    It begins and ends with the monetary system, in my opinion. “Their” wealth – and ours – is primarily “scored” by these units of account. Control the units, control the world.

    But this is also how the leviathan is vulnerable, and the leviathan knows it. As you say, starve the beast, whenever and however possible. And “they” cannot really control all the other forms of capital (kindred social capital for one?), although they will try. And can they really control the Internet? Unless all the electricity in the world is turned off (which I guess EMP’s could do), it seems the web can self-repair and self-replicate. That would mean cryptocurrencies (The People’s Money Units) could survive.

    Link those units to PM’s, food, energy, shelter, land, productive capacity and kindred spirits willing to die to protect them – and you just might have the makings of a new paradigm. This puts me in the “Preppers” camp I guess, and this is likely a pipe dream, but rational humans are always seeking solutions.

    Will enough “populist/anti-elite” movements and global leaders arise and gain critical mass before “they” pull the plug and send us rapidly into chaos, in an attempt to maintain control? That is the question I have since Trump’s election, but I’m not waiting around betting my families survival on it..

  12. I too have cut out all the TV programming and media distractions. I get my news and entertainment free from the web. I don’t participate in Big Pharma’s permanent life long $pharmaceutical$ paradigm. And I rarely visit the doctor anymore. I rarely get sick and am maintaining good health (something that is in our power to do if we pay attention to getting proper nutrition, remaining well hydrated, and getting enough activity to keep the blood moving).

    If we all paid more attention to our health, we could reduce our over dependence on the healthcare system. I think all that I personally need at this point is trauma insurance. Trauma care is excellent in the US, and gives cover for the disease maintenance permanent life long pharmaceutical paradigm which would be unnecessary if we swore off industrial farming and packaged foods and focused on quality nutrition instead.

    So, if people woke up and made a few changes in their lives, we could defeat the bastards who seek to control every aspect of our lives, from education, to healthcare, to jobs, travel, self defense and business regulation. The last, business regulation seeks to preserve the status quo, the multinationals’ dominance of business to the exclusion of any new, promising technology or business model that may threaten their revenue stream.

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