Does Anyone REALLY Believe The IRS “Lost” The Lois Lerner Emails?

The U.S. Government is organized and operates like the Sicilian Mafia.
– A source who wishes to remain anonymous

The IRS announced that it has lost two years of emails connected to Lois Lerner, who is being investigated for essentially what was Obama-organized racketeering.  Anyone not familiar with the details should either use google to get up to speed or go back to watching “reality” tv.


Anyone who knows anything about computers knows that it is impossible for those emails to have been “lost.”  Immediate access to them was clearly extinguished from IRS computers.  But the emails exist somewhere, and not just in the NSA computers.

A Congressman has requested that the NSA help produce the “missing” emails.  For some reason, Zerohedge finds this request to be ridiculous.  To me it was an obvious move.

Somehow I suspect that we’ll never see those emails.   Just like we never got to see all of the SEC records which connected JP Morgan to several massively corrupt scandals, like Global Crossing and Enron.  Those records went down with World Trade Center 7 – the building that inexplicably collapsed in its own footprint, on its own…

The corruption and racketeering by the Government – all the way up to the Oval Office – proliferates faster than pancreatic cancer.   It is the unmistakable mark of a collapsing system.  Expect the corruption to get worse and more blatant, as totalitarianism engulfs our country.



8 thoughts on “Does Anyone REALLY Believe The IRS “Lost” The Lois Lerner Emails?

  1. I think that all races, to some degree, are tribal in nature. I think it’s an accurate and honest observation to say that Jews are over represented in finance and government. We have Greenspan, Bernanke, and now Janet Yellen at perhaps the nation’s most powerful position. These Jews are looking out for their own, and I believe it to be anti white racism.

    Now Obama is opening the borders and allowing non whites to become future voters and current recipients of white people’s wealth. That, in my opinion, is ant white racism. Political action needs to be taken.

  2. And the IRS under severe penalties requires you/us to keep records substantiation deductions for 3 years regularly, perhaps 7 and forever if “fraud” is even suspected.

  3. I would believe it because this government is so incompetent But I KNOW it was done intentionally to obstruct justice…Read Denninger’s Market Ticker That’s a lie article and that will explain everything…

    1. Thru his blog, Denninger makes unprovoked and inappropriate ad hominem attacks on many of the economic commentators that I follow on the internet. I rarely follow Denninger’s rants anymore.

      1. He’s a nutjob. I don’t know if it’s still the case, but for many years he refused to believe that the gold market was manipulated.

  4. As scandals go, this one may be the dumbest, worst case of “the dog ate my homework” that I can remember. Some scandals can be so complicated that the average American may find it hard to fully appreciate the wrong-doing, simply because the scandal is too complex to get their arms around. But this one, with lost emails, is so idiotic that I can’t believe they’re attempting to get people to buy it. Even the most clueless, head-in-the-sand, don’t-care-about-nuthin’-but-my-reality-tv-and-my-McNuggets American has used a computer and understands that once an email is sent it exists in multiple places and is no longer the property of the sending hard drive. The IRS may as well be telling us that all the emails were on an Etch-a-Sketch, and Obama’s daughter accidentally took it to show and tell. This is truly a Fonzie jumping the shark moment for our country.

  5. Dave,

    He is a nutjob on a lot of things and he still doesn’t like gold but on this instance he has hit the nail on the head..

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