Does The Attack On Gold Signal An Imminent Bank Collapse

Since August, the gold price managers – aka “the gold cartel” – have been regularly dumping a lot of paper gold onto the Comex when the Comex floor opens at 8:20 a.m. EST. It’s been their standard operating procedure for the better part of the last 15 years.  The fact that the world’s largest gold buyer – China – is closed all week for a holiday observance takes away the biggest physical market bid for five trading days, making it easier to smash down the price of gold using fraudulent fiat paper gold.

It’s hard to ignore that the events in the financial and economic system unfolding now are not unlike the events that occurred prior to the 2008 “great financial collapse,” which was a de facto western banking system collapse.  The U.S. and European economies are contracting, the housing market is beginning to crumble (see this – link – for instance), the auto market is headed south as auto loan defaults are headed north and it would appear that the middle class consumer is out of disposable income.  There are plenty of other factors that make this time around much worse than 2008, but we’ll save discussion of those for another day.

It’s also hard to ignore “quacking” coming from Deutsche Bank.  It would appear that DB is on the ropes financially.  The incessantly repetitive denials of any problems coming from Central Bankers and the DB upper brass  make the “quacking” even harder to ignore.  If it looks, sounds and operates like a collapsing bank…well, it’s probably a collapsing bank.

There’s no doubt that the recent take-down of gold and silver  – especially today’s – is inextricably connected to some sort of financial system disaster brewing.  In today’s Shadow of Truth, we discuss the massive hit put on gold and reasons why it’s likely an operation implemented to prevent gold from alerting the public that a potentially catastrophic financial hurricane is swirling around “offshore.”  After all, it is hurricane season:

This email from one of Dave’s Mining Stock Journal subscribers is yet another indication that something ugly is unfolding with Deutsche Bank:

I have a very good friend who has been a financial market professional for almost 40 years. He’s very knowledgeable about the monetary system and the general state of the world economy. Last week, he was in Europe on business. His trip ended in Brussels, so he flew home from there on Saturday (this past weekend). He has zillions of frequent flyer miles, so he always travels in First Class. As he flew home this past Saturday, he noticed that there were a bunch of people in his section, and they were travelling as a group. Based on conversations he could overhear, it seemed that they were heading to the US for some sort of an emergency meeting about Deutsche Bank. One woman connected with the group approached my friend (under the mistaken impression that he was part of the group). She started to thank him for being able to get free on such short notice to attend the meeting. She didn’t say where the meeting was going to be held, but she did briefly mention the name of the group with which she mistakenly thought my friend was travelling. Unfortunately, he can’t recall the name, but it sounded like it had something to do with the EU. My friend let her rattle on for about 45 seconds before he politely informed her that he was not part of the group. The lady turned beet-red and clammed up immediately!

8 thoughts on “Does The Attack On Gold Signal An Imminent Bank Collapse

  1. Exchange Stabilization Fund is the one that had done (is still doing) all these dirty deeds. This was confirmed by an insider. I don’t have link right now, should have saved it late last night….will dig it up when get a chance.

    To me personally, this disregard from such a high level signals a very dangerous intent:

    Violence will be used to settle the enormous geopolitical and financial difficulties (including trade imbalances) that the world finds itself in today. I’m sticking w/ my personal prediction of WWIII starting with 60% probability within next 12 months.

    1. I really hope you are wrong, but part of me is also concerned about this possibility. Surely can’t start full nuclear scale war though ? There would be no point: anything there ever was – or will be – to fight over will be gone.
      For “regular” war i have an emergency escape (sailboat), but at the same time i’m also near 100% sure that i’ll never be able to convince my spouse to flee together with me because the boat is too small & old to live on for prolonged periods, beyond 2-3weeks. We have a small kid (<1 year). Despite having done countless attempts to explain it to her, chances are that by the time she fully understands the dire situation it will probably be too late to leave everything behind. So when the time comes i will have an awful choice: leave everything, including wive and child behind, or serve as cannon fodder in an immoral war to save corrupt bankers. I'm not sure which would be the worst.

      1. If it really becomes the worst case scenario, there won’t be any “safe” place anywhere in the world to escape to…including traditional safe spots like in South America or Switzerland, Singapore etc. I surely hope it doesn’t become some worst case nukes scenario. Under no condition would it be wise abandoning family/wife/kids. No amount of gold or silver is of any use with families wrecked.

        Please pay attention to escalation of events in Syria over last month. Paul Craig Roberts has been warning about this mess for about a year. It really got out of control couple of weeks ago. Paul Craig Roberts knows what he’s talking about regarding this mess.

        Then there are news of mass preparations of civilian population in Russia, German govt warning their citizen to stock up on food/medicines, Chinese govt has prepared their population to own some precious metals. There are more developments from elsewhere. All these things must be happening for a reason.

        I really, reeeeeeeally hope that my hunch is wrong. But when the actions of whoever is in control are so brazen – bombing official Syrian military to strengthen ISIS, this paper raid on gold/silver etc – you have to leave emotion out of it & analyze with logic…..And rationally consider the possibility that these insane people may really lead us into World War.

  2. I’ve said this a million times and will say it again – until the rule of law is restored and these criminals are punished, precious metals will stay suppressed. I will bet my life that 10 years from now people will be saying that gold and silver are great investments and that the manipulation will end. Blah, blah, blah.

    1. You are right. And sadly, things might never change. It might seem counter intuitive but the only way to make money in this crazy market is to just buy, buy, buy disregarding all prudent investing principles. It is undeniable that the economy is messed up and the markets are rigged but our aim is to make some money, not continue to be “right” but ending up on the wrong side of the trade time and again.

    2. Your life must not be very dear to you then.

      10 years, LOL!

      Both China & Russia have nukes & militaries not to be taken lightly, surely you haven’t forgotten about that, did you?

      1. No, if things keep going the way they are we will all be vaporized in a nuclear war well before 10 years. My point is that people that predict that precious metals will rise need to explain why and how the manipulation will end. Otherwise, there is no merit to what they say.

        1. OK, so here’s a simpler mathematical explanation for it then to explain how it will and should end:

          Physical market in Shanghai is closed for a week. There were supposed to be physical exchanges opening in Dubai and Singapore and some other places in the world. But there aren’t yet. There ***needs to be*** at least 1 real physical exchange open somewhere in the world for every market weekday. Unfortunately this is NOT the case today. A much better bet would be on whether the world will get there within 10 years.

          There is NO WAY IN HELL our bankster buddies/ESF would’ve committed crimes as brazen as yesterday, if there was some physical exchange open….at least same or next calendar day, if not during exact same working hours. Arbitrage would have killed their crimes in their tracks. (It’ll be very interesting to see with what sort of gap Shanghai exchange opens with on Monday morning.)

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