Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Everything Is Disintegrating

Note:  Many of you have already heard this three-part interview of Dr. Paul Craig Roberts from the Shadow of Truth.   Rory went back and re-edited into Part 1 some material that he omitted the first time around pertaining to a short discussion we had about the fact that there are no longer any honest, non-corrupted Congressmen since the departures of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

In prepping for this podcast, Rory and I had intended to cover the FOMC meeting policy decision last week plus a couple specific geopolitical questions.  Somehow, when we got Dr. Roberts on the phone, we jumped into a conversation on the current political environment in the United States.   From there Dr. Roberts embarked on a completely unscripted discourse in which he describes how and why the United States is collapsing – politically and economically.

The whole western civilization is disintegrating. It’s not a civilization – the western institutions the Americans use to keep things under its thumb – they’re disintegrating under the [American] neocons wars and under the pressure that the neocons have had the American Government put on Russia. – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

This is an extraordinary three-part podcast:

2 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Everything Is Disintegrating

  1. The spiritually conscious may have to step up at this part of the production to defend the FED as catalyst to freedom. It’s impossible to develop a real-time measure (price model) in the support of debt-free trading without the creation of a synthetic fiat currency that is created from debt and attached to debt. The debt component is a “necessary evil” and there is no way to avoid it in the development of the price model that can compare values on debt-free widgets and allow those widgets to trade for each other with no debt involved in the trade.

    The current version of the USD is like a segment of rope with two distinct ends …. one being a price model, the other being a medium of exchange. We can now use the price model without the need to use the debt based medium of exchange. That has to be a market choice, however.

    Correct me if I’m wrong here, but isn’t the market choice what the market has wanted all along ?

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