Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Unemployed America

I remember talking to Milton Friedman once and he pointed out that even when we were on the gold standard if you have a Central Bank they simply offset the movements of gold – Dr. Roberts, Shadow of Truth

Even Milton Friedman admitted that Central Banks sell gold in order to manipulate the price…

Posted below is Part 2 of an incredible interview by the Shadow of Truth with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.   This part of the interview was completely unscripted and unrehearsed – we had not even planned on an interview of this length:

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Unemployed America

  1. Centralization of some sort was needed before things could be decentralized by way of digital technology. Today , we have the tools to decentralize bullion in the application of a currency.

  2. You are a terrible interviewer. This was more like aggressively arguing your point. If I was Dr. Robert’s I wouldn’t submit to being “interviewed” by you again.

    1. Ummmm, actually I’m very friendly with Dr. Roberts and he wouldn’t respect me if I didn’t engage in debate on issues where we differ.

      1. Dave, don’t worry too much. What I don’t like about the so-called alternative media is that they invite people, ask a single question and let them talk for ages uninterrupted. Jim Willie is one of the best examples – although he can be very entertaining at least. You challenged Dr. Roberts and it was a forth and back discussion and Dr. Roberts made some very good points which he hadn’t made if it weren’t for you. I had some problems lately with Dr. Roberts. Actually, I didn’t wanna watch this video because of him. But this interview brought back all his credibility.

        Maybe you should ask him if it were too much for him and make him understand how the format works and that it wasn’t anything personally or so. In this shape Dr. Roberts can be a real asset for the listeners and we don’t wanna lose him for future shows.

  3. Dave–I am not as schooled nor as erudite about economics as you and Dr. Roberts, but it seems to me that this game will last as long as everyone pretends all is well and keeps playing. Same as musical chairs–everyone dances and as long as the music plays everyone is happy. That is why Germany buys EU bonds, Japan prints, Greece stays alive, we fund welfare with worthless scrip and everybody whistles past the graveyard. The press gives us Kardashians and the government gives us cheese and bread and Obamaphones I think Dr. Roberts may be on to something with the thought that gold only matters on a personal level.

  4. Dave, I loved that there was a constructive tension in this interview. Too many interviews in the alternative media have figure A and figure B simply agreeing with each other over and over. I think it’s obvious that you and Dr. Roberts are in general agreement on things but it’s insightful for listeners to hear the two of you arguing for different points of emphasis in how things are likely to occur.

    1. lol thanks. Craig and I have had debates in 1 on 1 phone calls. We don’t have to see eye to eye on everything. The reason our country is in the shape that it’s in is that most people are afraid to challenge “authority.”

  5. Very interesting to hear the discussion between you and Dr. Roberts. I tend to side with his general view, that the powers that be have many, many tricks up their sleeves, and as long as they are dealing with a sleepwalking public and a compliant press they can keep performing them for the foreseeable future.

    It’s also accurate to assert as you do that the choke point is the interaction of this economy with foreign actors. They aren’t hypnotized by the bank propaganda and understand quite well what the numbers are and where the game should have ended.

    So why hasn’t it ended? Why are they allowing our power structure to run roughshod over their interests? Is it just because they need more time to get the alternative financial structures in place to shunt around us, or is there another reason?

    I think there is another reason. People say the dollar has been backed by nothing since 1971, but that’s not really true. The dollar is backed by the full force and lethality of the United States military. As long as it is able to punish or destroy those who would challenge the regime, and as long as they fear that power, I think the game goes on.

    But it does not go on forever.

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