Early Look At The Proposed New “Face” Of The $100

The history of U.S. dollar bills is that past Presidents have been featured on them. With just a few exceptions, most of them have featured men who were original Founding Fathers as well as Presidents. For some reason Obama has decided to change this and ordered Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. I guess in the face of betrayed campaign promises and a largely failed Presidency (Obamacare is starting collapse), changing up the face of the fiat currency will be Obama’s legacy of “change.”

Below is the rumored change coming to the $100 bill, otherwise known as “c-notes, Bennies or honey-bees:”


7 thoughts on “Early Look At The Proposed New “Face” Of The $100

  1. This is such a cheap publicity stunt. He could have minted some coins with whoever’s face he chose but no, he had to “kick out” Jackson from the $20 bill. And the NYTimes opportunistically says “the slave owning” Jackson has been replaced. The same NYTimes which endorsed the 2003 Iraq war, btw. It is just a stooge and accomplice of whoever is in power, while at the same time wearing the cloak of a bleeding heart liberal. While it is a fact that slavery is a shameful, well acknolwedged part of American history, digging it up through stunts like this will only open old wounds and drive a further wedge between people. Obama himself comes from a family which owned slaves, so does the NYTimes have anything to say about that?

  2. “…..has decided to change this and ordered Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.”

    Well I guess it is apropos to put the image of an impoverished slave, a victim of systemic oppression, on the front of the $20. After all that is the direction most Americans are heading…impoverished, debt-slaves, and victims of institutionalized oppression.

  3. Finally he has done something for his race here in the USA….now his legacy is complete…..And what a fitting compliment , to the worthless fiat money ,then recommendations coming from the most ‘worthless’ president this country has endured. May he be remembered as the commander-chief of worthlessness.imho

  4. There was an image of Hillery on a ten dollar bill posted on I think the Burning Platform a while back – a mere joke – but a good on never the less.
    Anyone catch that one? I can’t post a jpg of it here sadly.

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