Economic Data And Political Facts: Just Make It Up

If the Government or the Fed or Hillary Clinton decides they don’t like reality, they just make it up. The BLS fabricates employment numbers, Hillary Clinton fabricates the truth and the Fed invents everything.

Rory Hall’s The Daily Coin has been one of the few alternative media blogs covering the Silk Road and the ongoing changes occurring at the IMF with its SDR.  The IMF is looking at issuing a restructured SDR to include the yuan – it looks like it will be called the M-SDR but everything appears to be flux.  If you are interested in seeing what is being proposed, take a look at this IMF Staff Note prepared for the G20:   The Role Of The SDR

In this week’s latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we cover these issues plus detail some facts that show Friday’s job report released by the Obama Government was 100% Just Made Up

Trump as President would be appalling – Hillary as President would be a monumental tragedy.  – Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics

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  1. Notes From Underground: Taking Pulse of a Dead Market

    2. In monitoring the power of the printing press I am posting a reference point put together by Karl of Vine Street Trading. It shows the top ten holdings of three large investment entities, the Swiss National Bank, Calpers and the Norge Bank, which holds for the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund. The top six are the same stocks. The main difference between the SNB and the large entities is that the Swiss central bank does not have any major ownership in any U.S. banks. The conflict of interest would probably raise concerns from the U.S. authorities. The herding effect is rampant and the power of major global investors to influence equity prices is easily discerned.

    SNB, Calpers, Norges Bank Holdings

    A poignant point needs to be raised as my pulse races: How can global investors maintain buying SWISS FRANCS when the SNB is pursuing the greatest con since tulip bulbs, Mississippi Stock and any number of other events from the Madness of Crowds? The Swiss print currency and exchange the ever-increasing fiat paper for the assets of real corporations. Last month, the SNB–through currency market intervention–added roughly TEN BILLION to its balance sheet by exchanging Swiss francs for global stocks and bonds.

  2. The CIA-occupied Hollywood
    Eric Draitser sits down with author Nicholas Schou to discuss his new book Spooked: How the CIA Manipulates the Media and Hoodwinks Hollywood*. Eric and Nick explore the history of CIA manipulation of the media going back decades, and how it has evolved into the propaganda consensus we see today. The conversation touches on everything from Nicaragua and the Reagan counter-revolution to the sycophantic relationship between Hollywood and Langley. From Robert Parry to Robert Kagan, from South Vietnam to Baghdad, the story of CIA information warfare is a long and sordid one, and Schou’s new book is an important contribution in telling it.

    globinfo freexchange

    A few interesting points:

    The CIA used to have agents working inside every major Hollywood studio. They were actually taking, for example, scripts like “Animal House” which had a very anti-capitalist message fundamentally, even though it’s commonly viewed a sort of warning about Stalinism, it was still a kind of pro-Socialist script, until the CIA got its hands on it and completely changed it around.

    This is something that in the 1980s again happened when the CIA was able to start working directly with Hollywood producers and directors to try to get favorable coverage. And it was really during the Clinton era when that really became corporatized and you had Chase Brandon, who was a CIA officer, working directly with Hollywood.

    Obviously 9/11 just completely opened the floodgates for the fear factory.

    Robert Kagan was working with the office of public diplomacy in the Reagan administration. He has become probably the single most influential and most important neocon ideologue in the last 30 years of the entire neocon movement, and so, it’s fascinating to see how somebody whose kind of beginnings start with this perception management public relations, media manipulation world, is actually growing to be the central neocon leader and ideologue.

    Draitser and Schou also discuss the fact that the CIA narratives are penetrating the American public through Hollywood series and films in a manner that has become more sophisticated. Characters appear more “vulnerable” in various ways, which creates a more “humanized” hero, closer to the everyday audience. In the end, despite all his/her “vulnerabilities”, the hero is doing his/her “patriotic duty”.

    That’s because the American public has become more skeptical and suspicious due to the failures and disasters in various wars and especially after the Iraq war.

    Full interview:

  3. Paging Dr Paul Craig Roberts, paging Dr Paul Craig Roberts:

    Check out these 2 video snippets of a DESPICABLE former CIA hack carrying water for military industrial complex, talking on propaganda PRAVDA media. In 1st video, he openly advocates for triggering World War III on Hitlery’s behalf by killing Iranians and Russians in Syria.

    As if that’s not vomit-worthy enough, following link spews out Putin-Crimea-Malaysia Airline-this Putin-Crimea-Malaysia Airline-that propaganda itching for triggering World War III at all costs. I’m no supporter or fan of Donald Trump by any means, but the depths to which these filthy propaganda have sunk put the word DESPICABLE to shame. It’s ABHORRENT, it’s DISGUSTING!

  4. Had you seen this before? It’s quite incredible!

    Julian Assange seems to suggest that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the source of leaks to Wikileaks!

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