Electronic Gold: The Deep State’s Corrupt Threat to Human Prosperity and Freedom

Stewart Dougherty returns with unique insight into the powerful Deep State forces behind the relentless manipulation of gold and silver. He also presents a searing look at Jim Rickards’ deceptive role as the Deep State’s grifter.

“There are crooks everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate.” Final blog entry by Daphne Caruana Galizia, 53, renowned Maltese investigative reporter who specialized in exposing state corruption; posted on 16 October 2017, one day before she and her vehicle were blown to bits by a car bomb in Bidnija, Malta

In 2011, gold pulled a “Bitcoin” before anyone even knew what Bitcoin was: its price went vertical to $1,900 per ounce. Inflation-adjusted, the price was still far below its 1980 all-time high, and from all indications, it was going to keep heading north toward its free market print.

In surging, gold blurted out the Deep State Central Planners’ strategy for dealing with the Great Financial Crisis: the hyperinflation of bond, equities and real estate prices via the hyperinflation of both official and totally clandestine, off-the-books money supply, in order to create the hyperinflation of tax revenues desperately required by the government to forestall its fiscal collapse. Gold’s exposure of the Deep State Central Planners’ secret strategy was absolutely unacceptable to them, and had to be stopped.

Worse, gold’s price breakout interfered with the continuation of the largest and most profitable financial crime in history: gold price manipulation. As we have outlined in previous articles, including “Gold and Silver Price Manipulation: The Biggest Financial Crime in History,” from its commencement in 1980, this crime has netted its perpetrators more than $1 trillion in criminal, Mafia-style profits. The epic scale of this crime is exactly why it continues unabated to this day. (While the gold price rigging crime is virtually identical to the manipulation of silver prices, in the interests of brevity, we will solely focus on gold in this article.)

The weapon used in the gold price manipulation crime is paper, or, better stated, electronic gold in five distinct forms: gold futures; gold options on futures; bullion-bank controlled, deliberately audit-proof gold ETFs; gold EFPs (Exchanges for Physical); and the equities of bullion bank-controlled major mining companies. (The major miners serve the bullion banks, not their shareholders, and have actively participated in gold’s price destruction for years, starting with the “hedging” campaign that handed guaranteed profits to the banks and pitiful share prices to the stakeholders.)

These electronic (in other words, non-physical and unreal) gold products are used by Deep State financial insiders to misdirect funds intended by investors to flow into gold, away from gold. Those who “invest” in electronic gold are, in fact, aiding and abetting the exact financial criminals who are stealing from them. The Deep State financial elite is laughing itself sick that suckers still fall for the electronic gold scam nearly four decades after they first hatched it and after already having stolen $1 trillion from their marks. Proof that many people in our world never learn.

Simplified, the gold price rigging scam works by the orchestrators allowing natural market forces to increase the price in roughly $50 – 100 increments, whereupon they unleash massive, synchronized, simultaneous, shock-and-awe-style naked short sales, unbacked by any physical gold they actually own, that take the price right back down by $50 to $100 in a matter of minutes to a few days. This forces the price-attacked longs to dump their losing positions, enabling the shorts to cover at an illegal profit. Each such large-scale price raid produces hundreds of millions of dollars in profits for the criminal orchestrators, not just from the futures market, but from the companion options, swaps and equities markets, all of which act in unison, and in a price-predictable up or down manner. This identical wash, rinse, repeat cycle has occurred literally hundreds of times over the past 38 years, with no serious investigations or prosecutions whatsoever in that this is official, state-sponsored, for-profit corruption.

For any one of hundreds of reasons, gold should be in a raging bull market at this time. Given that its price remains lackluster and greatly disappointing, rich gallows humor has emerged as a form of therapy for those attempting to deal with the irrationality of it all.

One gallows joke that made the rounds was that if nuclear war were declared, gold’s price would go down and the DJIA would go up. While this was a funny take on the absurdity of the situation, it seemed a bit far-fetched.

In an October 20, 2017 podcast interview, Mr. James Rickards, a leading public commentator on gold, stated that he had spent the previous day in an extremely exclusive national intelligence planning session overseen by CIA Director Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster. Rickards reported that Pompeo told him, categorically, that military action will be taken against North Korea within 5 months, or by March 20, 2018. Rickards also reported that the group was informed that the assassination of Kim Jong Un is one U.S. military option officially on the table.

In the trading days after Mr. Rickards made that public announcement, the price of gold declined and the DJIA hit record highs.

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8 thoughts on “Electronic Gold: The Deep State’s Corrupt Threat to Human Prosperity and Freedom

  1. To quote: “The fact is that the Deep State manipulation of the gold price is never going to end until people stop buying electronic gold and providing the liquidity the Deep State needs to continue perpetrating the gold price rigging crime.”

    That’s the problem. I don’t see the manipulation ending anytime soon. No one has been able to outline to me how this going to end. The China “is going to end it” could be decades out. Not much use if your over 50. It might take a black swan event but who know if that will happen. I’ve stopped reading most of the gold blogs after the 100th predictions went off the rails.
    Very depressing.

  2. I always figgered this bald headed skunk was a little light in the loafers but Deep State Grifter is one for the ages.
    Jim’s one to be fast and loose with his predictions, date specific as well.
    One thing I’ve learned about predictions.
    Don’t name the price,event and the date in the same sentence.

  3. Thanks Stuart and Dave.
    I thought one red pill was going to give me the picture.
    With the continuations of new revelations I realize you
    both have dosed me with enough red pills to make the
    screen the size of a drive in movie.

  4. I’ve read a few Rickards articles [with one eye], and heard a few Rickards interviews [with one ear]. Stuart, Dave, or others correct me if I’m wrong, but when he says have 10% of your assets in gold, have you ever heard him emphasize physical gold in your possession, [or in private vault storage]? I don’t think so. I think he has said an ETF is fine for the “exposure” one needs. What say you?

  5. Great article. IMO our situation is reminiscent of the 1960s gold pool scheme, and once that ended gold went from $42 to almost $1300 Dollars today. If history repeats, an ounce of silver would go for $526 and gold would be $39K. Battered and beaten gold investors see little hope. (great contrarian indicator) I see the reset as inevitable. Global silver and gold mining output is on the decline. Gold and Silver consumption by the BRICS and Europeans are trending up. What we need to realize is that the greater world population has experience or memories of monetary collapse. Only America has been spared the elevator ride into poverty. The rest of the world…India, China, Germany, Japan, USSR, they know what happens when debt becomes unsustainable and the ponzi collapses. The people of the world buy the real thing (Gold and Silver). We simply need to wait for the Deep State’s hoard of other people’s gold and silver to run dry. One thing Stuart mentioned and I don’t agree will come to pass is the outlawing of gold and silver. The general U.S. population doesn’t have any PMs. Prohibiting gold and silver would only hinder the criminal class from freely exercising their sizable ill-gotten hoards of gold and silver wealth after the reset. Until I see otherwise, I’m betting the deep state criminal class will remain in power and will enslave U.S. citizens with gold, silver, and legacy debt.

  6. My comment was duplicated because it took at least 6 attempts before CAPTCHA , worked, and even then, my message was not acknowledged.It was only when I re-submitted my message that a message came on screen that this message had already been submitted.
    This was my message
    “Daphne Caruana Galizia is not “resting in peace”, that awful hackneyed phrase, she is enjoying the real pleasures promised by the next life. Unimaginable joys of renewed friendships and love, in surroundings of beauty we cannot begin to imagine.Read Robert Hugh Benson cooks –written from the next world—free downloads.”

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