Elizabeth Warren Defines Sleazy Hypocrisy

Look in the dictionary under the term “hypocrisy” and there has to be a picture of Elizabeth Warren.  Her latest beaut is sending a letter to Trump criticizing his transition team’s ties to Wall Street.

Yet, how come Obama never received the same type of letter from her?  Obama’s entire cabinet from 2008 to now is riddled with Wall Streeters.  By the way, Lizzie, when the AG and former AG have law practices built around keeping Wall Street out of jail, that is a “tie to Wall Street.”   I guess it’s a matter of convenience to overlook the fact that both Treasury Secretaries are and were deeply tied to Wall Street.

Oh. Wait. I almost forgot.  What about your beloved Hillary?  No Wall Street ties there?  You certainly forgot to chat about this when you were campaigning for her.  Let me review the facts starting with the fact that Wall Street firms were among her largest campaign financiers.  The biggest donor was perhaps the biggest Wall Street criminal:  George Soros.  Speaking of which, is this guy ever going to die and leave us alone?

“Do as say, not as I do” seems to be de rigeur for the people and entities who thought Hillary’s presidency was a matter of formality.  These people forgot that some segment of the public still pays some attention to the truth.

Make no mistake, I’m not issuing support for Trump.  But someone needs to hold people like Miss Warren accountable.  God knows her zombie, slavish supporters won’t.  I remain firm in my convictions that:  the good news is, Hillary lost – the bad news is, Trump won.

5 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Defines Sleazy Hypocrisy

  1. A little too harsh at the end of your rant. Let’s give President Elect Trump a chance. Pocahontas, George Soros and their ilk are now passé – the noise emanating from them is no more than a death rattle. Obummer is gone January 20th and Hillary will not be the first female American President. Putting Hillary to pasture was a great moment for our Republic.

  2. Of course, Elizabeth Warren is a George Soros’s puppet. But do you know who else is a fraud? Donald Trump, that is. Now there’s talk of John Bolton FREAKING WAR CRIMINAL from Iraq War for Secretary of State! I’ve had it, I’ve had with above the eye-balls with this.

    I hate it that George Soros’s fake Hitlery stooges are paid to riot in all American cities & college campuses. But if the Trump stooges don’t stand up to names like John Bolton & Jamie Dimon casually bandied about for cabinet positions, Vladimir Lenin’s words have come true: “The best way to control the opposition is for you to lead it yourselves”.

    Watch my words: You’ll see PROPAGANDA PRESSTITUTES like CNN, MSNBC, CNBC etc. maintain their lies & “manufactured dissent” @ the behest of George Soros, in order to sustain state of societal chaos, up to inauguration day. As soon as a cabinet with despicable names like John Bolton gets finalized, you’ll see the same presstitutes change their tune on a dime. To think that the US Dollar is hitting a 14 year old high in this state of engineered chaos is unfathomable.

    There is talk of Google, Facebook & Twitter ganging up together & declaring sites like your blog or Stewart Daugherty’s writings as “FAKE NEWS”. In India, Narendra Modi came into power with a populist revolt & was supposed to be the free-market answer. Look what Modi achieved with his ban on cash with executive order. I predict Donald Trump will be Narendra Modi on steroids with abuse of executive orders as soon as he takes office.

    1. A vote for DT was a vote for change. At least the sheeple are waking up.
      A Trump presidency is one of my worst nightmares, just like a Clinton
      presidency was. 4

  3. Hey Dave
    Get a load of this. My wife forwarded this propaganda article to me


    They are trying to cover up the fact that she was on a rage, alcohol and possibly a drug fueled bender after the election under the mask of feminism (look how empowered she is speaking in public with no makeup). She looked like she was stuffed into a sack and beaten. The propaganda is everywhere.
    Keep up the great work.

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